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Chapter 2560: Emergency support (3)

Cang Po Yu immediately nodded his head, “Grandmaster Huang, I know that this section of arrays is very important, so I especially took a detailed look at it. I can still remember most of it.”

Huang Yueli said, “That’s good. By then we’ll play by ear. All of you must listen to my commands and when we need to retreat, don’t continue to engage in the battle and be prepared to protect Guardian Yu and me when we’re activating the mechanism.”

The crowd had no objections and instantly nodded their heads in agreement.

Just at this moment, they were getting close to the underground level.

The alarm’s drumming noise also slowly stopped.

They followed behind that group of Snow Phoenix Palace’s practitioners and came to a huge bronze door.

When they saw this door, Huang Yueli was momentarily stunned.

This door looked exactly the same as that door in the inheritance tower. Not only did it depict a huge Phoenix’s totem, moreover, the grooves on the door also showed traces of blood. The smell of blood stench whiffed over, apparently, the bloodstains had yet to dry.

“This door…. also uses Sacred Phoenix Race clansmen’s blood as a medium to open it up!” Huang Yueli frowned as she said.

Li Moying looked to the front, “In this way, I should feel fortunate that we had followed someone over.”

Otherwise, if they were to infiltrate in on their own, Huang Yueli would need to waste a large amount of blood essence, just to open this door.

The bronze door’s internal section looked dark and gloomy. It was as though all the lights had been blocked by an invisible screen, making it unable to be seen.

Bursts of tremor, Profound Energy clashes, and explosions, as well as the exchange of Profound Armaments, were continuously being emitted from the inside.

Cang Po Jun instantly volunteered, “I’ll go in first. Sovereign, Grandmaster Huang, wait for me to check out the situation first…..”

Saying that he inched close to the side of the huge door and walked inside.

Huang Yueli didn’t hesitate as she waved her hand, “Let’s follow him in. It should be a state of chaos inside now, so no one will take notice of us.”

Li Moying didn’t say a word but instead gripped her wrist. He waited until he heard Cang Po Jun’s shouting before he loosened his grip and became the first person to slip into the huge bronze door.

“Damnit! Sovereign, Marquis Bai’s situation is rather serious! We must quicken our pace and save him!” Cang Po Jun shouted loudly and dashed into the group of people.

Huang Yueli and the others lifted their heads to take a look, and they were all horrified!

Bai Liufeng usually had a calm and unhurried look, dressed in a flowing white robe with unique elegance. No matter what situation he was in, he would always be primly combed.

But now, he had obviously suffered a serious injury as his entire body was filled with wounds. Blood kept seeping out on his white shirt, almost staining it totally red.

However, his expression remained awe-inspiring as his actions didn’t halt.

Even though he was besieged by so many top experts and was evidently in a desperate situation, but he didn’t show any sign of frenzy.

Opposite him was a man dressed in a purple golden colored robe. His moves were like lightning and every move was so vicious that it seemed as though it would claim his life.

Lord Zhan gave off a sinisterly harsh laugh, “Bai Liufeng, stop being stubborn and give yourself up! Based on your ability and innate talent, if you are eaten up into This Seat’s Blood Moon Spell, it will increase the might of the array by more than one grade! By then, the resurrection day of our Sacred Phoenix Race will be even closer!”

“I think the one who should die is you! You set up the Blood Moon Spell to suck the practitioner’s spiritual root. Such outrageous acts will earn you retribution sooner or later!”