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Chapter 2555: Left without saying goodbye (6)

Everyone exchanged astonished glances and walked towards Cang Po Yu.

“Guardian Yu, what are you doing here?” Huang Yueli asked with a frown.

When Cang Po Yu saw them, he seemed as though he was given amnesty and hurriedly walked up to welcome them, “Sovereign, Grandmaster Huang, you’re finally here!”

Li Moying nodded his head at him and questioned hurriedly, “Po Yu, are you specially waiting for us here? What’s the situation with my Father-in-law now?”

Hearing this question, Cang Po Yu’s face revealed a frustrated look.

“Sovereign, This Subordinate had failed in my mission! I… I lost Marquis Bai…”

“Lost? How could that be?” Huang Yueli asked puzzledly.

Cang Po Yu hung his head in shame, “This Subordinate had been following Marquis Bai from a distance since we left Blue Profound Sect. To avoid exposing myself, I kept a considerably far distance. But starting from yesterday, we were about to enter the freezing zone. As you all know, there would be frequent snowstorms in the freezing zone and the surrounding ice mountains all look similar. This Subordinate was afraid of losing him so I got anxious and followed him a little closer. I did not expect…..”

“My father discovered your presence?” Huang Yueli suddenly realised what he was trying to say.

Cang Po Yu nodded, “This Subordinate woke up early this morning to find a letter from Marquis Bai, hanging on the tent, asking me not to follow him any further. I quickly rushed out to look for him, but I discovered that Marquis Bai was already gone. There wasn’t any traces in the surroundings as well…..”

Thinking of the scenario back then, Cang Po Yu was still silently astounded.

He and Bai Liufeng were both ninth stage realm peak practitioners, but Bai Liufeng actually appeared outside his tent in the middle of the night. The distance between them were lesser than ten steps away.

But, he totally did not sensed anything at all…

Huang Yueli nodded her head as she looked pensive, and said to Cang Po Yu, “My father left you a letter? Let me have a look at it.”

Cang Po Yu quickly handed the perfectly folded letter to her.

Huang Yueli took a look and there were only a few simple words on it, “Don’t waste time trying to follow me, you can’t keep up.”

There wasn’t even a name at the end.

But Bai Liufeng’s words were exquisite, different from most practitioners. If one didn’t know of his actual cultivation, just based on his handwriting, they would definitely think that he was a poor and weak scholar.

His handwriting was very easy to differentiate.

Huang Yueli finished reading and passed the letter over to Li Moying.

Li Moying took a glance at it and said, “Father-in-law’s wordings are rather sloven, moreover, it was apparently written in haste. He didn’t even left his name behind…”

Huang Yueli’s heart thumped when she heard that, “In this case, Father must have left in a rush. Looks like my mother is really in great danger. Otherwise Father wouldn’t be so careless, since he had always been a man with proper planning….”

Li Moying nodded his head in agreement, “Father-in-law is in such a rush so this had already proven that his actual destination is definitely to rush to Snow Phoenix Palace immediately!”

She continued to add on without any hesitation, “You’re right! Father is so hasty, I wonder what exactly had happened! But, it’s not possible for him to win Lord Zhan by himself. Even if he had already decoded a majority of the arrays and mechanisms in Snow Phoenix Palace, but that place is still their turf. Who knows if there would be any change of events? No, we must chase up to him right now, and stop him from taking the risk alone!”

“That’s right, we must grab hold of time immediately!” Liu Buyan nodded his head as well