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Chapter 2556: Left without saying goodbye (7)

Everyone had the same thinking in mind, and they all decided to pass through the freezing zone at full speed.

They must arrive at the foot of Lone Sky Summit in the shortest time possible!

But the environment in the freezing zone was extremely terrible, so the horses which were used to pull their carriages could no longer be used. They could only travel by foot.

Moreover, this time round, they didn’t even had a guide to bring them. They weren’t as familiar as Bai Liufeng on the topography in the freezing zone.

So, even though they travelled at full speed, they still spent a great deal of effort to reach Lone Sky Summit after three days.

The few of them stopped at a distance away, gazing towards the direction of Lone Sky Summit.

As Snow Phoenix Palace suddenly rose up from the underground a couple of months ago, Lone Sky Summit had collapsed rather badly.

When they left previously, Lone Sky Summit was only half of its original height. But from the looks of it now, the situation had become even more serious. Lone Sky Summit had practically toppled on one side, whereas Snow Phoenix Palace seemed to have risen up even more. Two levels of it was already on the ice surface.

But other than that, Snow Phoenix Palace still looked rather peaceful, as it stood majestically on that crystal clear snow fields. There wasn’t any signs of anyone invading in.

“This is strange…. Has my father already infiltrated into Snow Phoenix Palace?” Huang Yueli looked from the opposite snow mountain, as she was undecided.

Liu Buyan was standing right behind her and after he took a detailed observation, he also couldn’t confirm that.

“We’re still travelling too slow. Marquis Bai’s speed is fast, and moreover he’s familiar with the topography here. I’m gauging that he will only need one day to enter this place. Either he has already entered Snow Phoenix Palace, or he had found a place to hide. What should we do next?”

Huang Yueli frowned and was just about to speak.

Li Moying spoke out in a low voice, “Since we’re not sure of Father-in-law’s current situation, it’s best that we don’t abruptly charge in. If Father-in-law hasn’t taken any action and we set off the alarm, then things would be terrible. It’s best to first ascertain on Father-in-law’s whereabouts!”

They looked at one another in dismay, and after considering all the odds, no one could come out with a better idea.

“Why not, let’s go back to the previous cave dwelling to take a look? Huang Yueli suggested.

No one else objected to this, and they followed Huang Yueli, heading over to Sage Yu Xu’s cave in the ice mountain.

This cave dwelling was concealed well and moreover, as a God grade Array Master’s secluded spot, the surrounding arrays were said to be skilled works.

Luckily when they were here previously, Bai Liufeng had already taught them how to activate the teleportation array, so that it was convenient for them to move about.

It was Cang Po Yu’s first time in this cave dwelling.

His eyes were shining when he saw how Huang Yueli activated the teleportation array with ease.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the timing wasn’t right, he really wanted to stay here and carefully researched on all the arrays in this cave! These were powerful arrays which was unheard of!

The few of them entered the cave and immediately searched all the rooms.

“There’s no one in the main courtyard!”

“I don’t see anyone here as well!”

“It’s empty here too!”

They quickly confirmed that the entire cave was empty. Some portions had started to freeze. It was obvious that no one had lived in this place for some months.

Huang Yueli’s expression instantly changed, “Father hasn’t returned to this place at all! Looks like he had really entered Snow Phoenix Palace immediately after he reached Lone Sky Summit!”