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Chapter 2554: Left without saying goodbye (5)

“You little brat. I feel that you’re so unreliable just from the words that you say…..” Cang Po Jun wanted to continue nagging.

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but laugh when she heard their conversation and interrupted, “Guardian Jun, I think you can stop. I believe Guardian Hun will be able to handle the Sect’s affairs pretty well. He’s just livelier but actually, if he really started to handle things, he can be very steady.”

“That’s right, only Grandmaster Huang understands me!” Cang Po Hun said smugly.

Just at this moment, he suddenly sensed an eerie chill running down his back.

Cang Po Hun turned back and saw Li Moying’s arms crossed as he leaned against the carriage door, looking at him right now.

He couldn’t help but shuddered as he quickly lowered his head, not daring to say a word more.

Li Moying spoke in an unhurried fashion, “Li’er, it’s not early already. We’d better set off as soon as possible.”

“Ah! Yes, it’s not early already, let’s set off right now! Guardian Hun, we’ll leave Blue Profound Sect in your hands! And Master, you specially came out to send us off… please quickly return to Levitation Sword Palace to rest!” She waved her hand at the rest.

Dai Boqi looked worriedly at them as they left, “Ai, I heard that their trip to Northern Ice Fields this time, is to deal with an extremely powerful opponent… This Old Man only has two disciples. If something happens to them, what should I do?”

Earlier when Huang Yueli and Liu Buyan were around, he found it awkward to say it out. But facing Cang Po Hun, he couldn’t helped but say out the worries in his heart.

Actually, Cang Po Hun was much more worried than him!

After all, Dai Boqi’s understanding towards Snow Phoenix Palace was purely from hearsay. Cang Po Hun, on the other hand, had experienced it for himself.

Snow Phoenix Palace’s mechanisms were so dangerous, Blood Moon Spell was so evil and Lord Zhan’s ability was so powerful!

All these etched deeply into his mind.

As compared to staying in Blue Profound Sect, Cang Po Jun really wanted to stay beside Li Moying, following him through life and death and taking risks together. But he also knew that Cang Po Jun’s ability was much higher than him, so under such a precarious situation, if they had to pick someone to stay behind, he was definitely the better choice.

Cang Po Hun frowned slightly, as he gazed at the tracks of the carriage that had already gone far away.

“Divine Doctor Dai, don’t worry. Sovereign and the others have encountered numerous dangers and since when did they not turn the misfortune around? This time, they will definitely be able to return safely!”

Towards his Sovereign, he was blinded by worship and faith.

However, Cang Po Hun probably hadn’t thought that this time, someone actually didn’t managed to return…

Li Moying, Huang Yueli and the others were seated on three carriages pulled by seventh-grade Goldeneye Jade Buckle Mare Stallion. They pursued after the traces left behind by Cang Po Yu towards the direction of the north.

They could tell that Bai Liufeng was worried that someone would tail him, hence he deliberately went round in circles.

Moreover, he was also making preparations for the impending battle, as he would drop by North Sky Region’s various large cities to replenish his supplies.

But Cang Po Yu’s tracing skills were indeed extraordinary. He left various kinds of markings along the entire way.

They were afraid of being discovered so they maintained a two-day journey distance between them and Bai Liufeng, following his traces in an unhurried manner.

It had been a month later before Bai Liufeng officially entered the Northern Ice Field’s freezing zone.

Huang Yueli and the others then picked up their pace, following him tightly.

Whoever knew that, when they finally reached the freezing zone’s boundary based on those traces, they found Cang Po Yu standing alone in a daze, right in the middle of the snowy lands.