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Chapter 2524: Bridal room and ornamented candles(3)

Huang Yueli’s face flushed red brightly as she twisted her body uneasily.

Although she and Li Moying had slept together on the same bed in the past, and also had some intimate moves, but usually Li Moying would still be rather restrained, at most just kissing her a few times.

But now as both of them had officially became husband and wife, Li Moying no longer had any misgivings as he reflected an extremely intense invasiveness.

“Li’er, you are mine…..” The man’s hoarse voice was heard ringing by the side of her ear.

Huang Yueli’s eyes grew wide as she looked towards the man who was on top of her.

Li Moying’s beautiful features looked as though it had been chiselled out, each corner perfect without any flaw.

Right now, his forehead was filled with sweat which dripped down along his unswerving lower jaw, as his face was flushed, which made this man filled with charm…..

Huang Yueli blinked, feeling that her heartbeat was so fast that it was scary.

This man… was just like a poison, attracting every single woman he saw, and also attracting…. Her….

Even though Li Moying let go of her wrist later on, she didn’t continue to push him, but instead uncontrollably wound around that man’s shoulder…..

The temperature in the bedroom rose steadily and under the burning candle’s sparks, it almost extinguished and even that didn’t attract the newlyweds’ attention.

A loud “bang” was heard and the bedroom door was crashed open by someone from the outside!

“Disturb the privacy of bridal room! Disturb the privacy of bridal room!” A young lad cried out joyously.

The two of them in the bridal room suddenly stopped all their actions as their body turned stiff when they heard this sudden sound.

Oh no, the room was not locked!

Luckily, Li Moying’s reaction was swift enough and he pulled the blanket as he covered Huang Yueli’s body, and managed to cover out Huang Yueli from head to toe properly, in case the sight of her sexy body was exposed.

Whereas for himself, he didn’t have enough time to cover up too much.

Li Moying sat sideways in front of the bed as he looked at the astonished young lads gloomily in front of him.

“What are you guys doing? Has This Sovereign allowed you to come in?”

This bunch of youngsters were mostly Senior and Junior Brothers when Li Moying was in Celestial Light Sect and there were also a bunch of direct disciples from Blue Profound Sect. Most of them had watched Li Moying grow up and the first in line was Luo Jiyun.

On seeing the scenario in the room, they realised that they were in trouble as they stood awkwardly on the spot.

Luo Jiyun stammered as he spoke, “Th… This… cough cough… Senior Brother… although the joyful night is worth a thousand pounds of gold, but are you… a little too hasty? We… this… have not expected you to be so fast… cough cough… then please continue… continue, we will go out right now…..”

He trembled with fear as he spoke and without waiting for Li Moying to finish speaking, he was just about to move and slip away.

But just at this moment, another round of footsteps was heard and instantly, a familiar voice was heard, “Jiyun, your guts is simply smaller than a mouse! Disturbing the privacy of the bridal room requires one to be bold, and you only have this one chance to trick your Eldest Senior Brother but yet you’re so terrified. He hadn’t even said a word and you already want to run off?”