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Chapter 2523: Bridal room and ornamented candles(2)

He shot a glance towards Cang Po Jun and the latter quickly jogged over as he cleared his throat and continued to host the wedding.

“First bow to Heaven and Earth—!

“Second bow to parents—”

“Husband and wife bow to each other—”

This time round, no one jumped out to interrupt this pair of newlyweds.

In reality, the practitioners who were present earlier were all shocked by the unsurpassed power that was revealed by Blue Profound Sect earlier and from now on, none of them dared to even bear the thoughts of offending them again.

Under the crowd’s venerated and fearful attention, this pair of newlyweds finally completed the entire set of wedding ceremony.

“Send them off to the bridal room—!”

It had finally reached this moment and Li Moying could no longer suppress himself as he wrapped his arms around Huang Yueli’s slender wait and carried her horizontally, taking big steps towards the rear hall.

When Bai Liufeng saw this, he was thinking how would this do? Subconsciously he jumped right up, “Stinky brat, whatever next? Quickly put Lass Li down!”

Li Moying’s expression did not change as he replied calmly, “Father-in-law, the wedding is already completed and now Li’er is now part of my Li family so please don’t worry about her!”

Bai Liufeng couldn’t say a single word from his rebuttal and he was so gloomy that he almost fainted.

Whereas Li Moying had already taken this opportunity to carry her as he sped back into the bedroom.

On the way there, there were naturally no obstructions as no one could possibly be so insensitive.

Li Moying operated his Profound Skill and his speed was astonishing. With a few flashes, they were already in the room as he placed Huang Yueli onto the wedding bed which was laid with red brocade.

“Moying, Father he…..”

Huang Yueli sat down and pulled Li Moying’s sleeve as she hurriedly opened her mouth.

However, before she could even finish her words, her head covering was lifted before her eyes and following that, her delicate little chin was held in the palms of the man, as his scorching breath filled her mouth, instantly stealing away her breath.

“Mm…. En en…”

Huang Yueli still wanted to say something but Li Moying’s kisses followed her everywhere as it tangled her tightly, somehow refusing to relax.

Huang Yueli’s resistance became weaker and weaker and later on, she even forgot what she wanted to say as her entire world seemed only to be left with this man in front of her…..

Their body temperatures rose slowly and Li Moying’s powerful arms wound around Huang Yueli tightly.

Huang Yueli kept shifting around uneasily, with the desire for Li Moying to be even closer…..

After god knows how long later, Li Moying finally released Huang Yueli.

But he still locked onto Huang Yueli tightly as he turned over and placed the young lady in his arms onto the wedding bed…..

“Moying, you… wait a minute!”

Huang Yueli instantly regained her clear mindedness, recalling that there were still many things which they had not done yet, hurriedly pushing the man above her.

But Li Moying was totally unmoved as though he was like Mount Yue, strong and unbudging. Huang Yueli’s little hands pushing actions was nothing more than scratching his itch.

Moreover, the soft touch from her palms seemed to have riled up an intense fire in his heart!