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Chapter 2525: Bridal room and ornamented candles(4)

Li Moying’s brows creased abruptly and he lifted his head to see Liu Buyan dressed in a dark purple long robe.

As Liu Buyan was speaking, he walked right into the bedroom.

His vision landed on the wedding bed at first instance.

Li Moying had already put down the curtain and plus the fact that Huang Yueli was wrapped into a bundle by him, there was actually nothing much to see.

But upon thinking that the young lady who laid inside the curtain was someone whom he had pursued for many years yet unable to win her over, Liu Buyan’s expression became a little complicated.

But very quickly, he sensed a cold and sharp gaze staring at himself.

Liu Buyan shifted his gaze away to meet Li Moying’s eyes and after a while, his lips cracked into a constipated smile, “I saw, Brother-in-law, you and my Junior Sister hasn’t even drank the nuptial wine and you are already so impatient? Tsk tsk, you’re really unreliable!”

He absolutely had nothing to fear, unlike Luo Jiyun who was so timid.

He pulled Liu Buyan’s top from the back as he spoke out softly, “Brother Liu, we… we’d better go out first! What should we do if Senior Brother really flies into a rage later?”

Liu Buyan laughed, “Look at that guts of yours! Today is your Eldest Senior Brother’s big day so how would he possibly fly into a rage? Relax, he won’t do anything to all of you!”

“But, this… that…. Eldest Senior Brother now.. he has something important to handle….” Luo Jiyun was still indecisive.

Liu Buyan’s mouth cracked into a smile, but his gaze towards Li Moying carried a few hints of coldness.

“What important matters could there be? Your Eldest Senior Brother isn’t a beast! Quickly drag him out and let’s have a good time playing with him, he actually managed to trick our cutest Junior Sister into his hands! If we don’t play with him, it would not ease the hatred in my heart!” Liu Buyan was saying that as he walked up in big strides, about to catch Li Moying.

Huang Yueli who was hidden inside the blanket frowned silent, as she didn’t dare to continue listening.

Her Senior Brother really knew how to fake it!

This time he’s a goner, her freshly baked husband would definitely fly into a rage!

However, out of her expectations, Li Moying actually said this peacefully, “What do you want to do?”

Liu Buyan said, “Come out for a fight, all of us at the same time! If you win, we’ll let you back into the bridal room, how about that?”

Li Moying’s lips curled coldly, “Even if all of you come up together, you’re not my opponent, are you certain you want to look for a beating?”

When Liu Buyan heard that, he was instantly enraged, “Fellow surnamed Li, don’t be so cocky I’m warning you! No matter what, this Divine Doctor is ranked second on the Sky Chart, you think that I’m definitely not able to beat you?”

“Since you’re so anxious to be tortured, then… This Sovereign is in a good mood today, so I shall satisfy you!” Saying that, Li Moying actually really stood up and followed Liu Buyan outside.

Not too long later, bursts of miserable cries were heard from the youngsters outside the room, apparently they were tormented quite badly by. Li Moying.

Huang Yueli sat up from the bed and tidied her clothes as she patted her bright red face.

“Huang Yueli, you… how could you be so lusty! We haven’t even drank the nuptial wine and the guests still haven’t been sent off and you’re almost lured onto the bed! How did this happen? En, it’s absolutely not because my self-restraint is too weak, definitely because he used his handsome male lure! Sinister and black-bellied man!”

Huang Yueli was mumbling to herself while grumbling and without thinking, she pushed all the blame onto Li Moying.

After quite a while later, he suddenly felt the redness on her face slowly waning off.

The fighting sounds outside also slowly subsided.