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Chapter 2515: Wedding night, no bloodshed (4)

But the <> was an extremely famous God grade cultivation method in Soaring Heavens Continent and many large powerhouses had hidden a copy of this, hence this was something that many people had heard of.

High ranking practitioners all knew that once they mastered the <>, they would be able to break through the current bottleneck and their abilities would increase in folds!

But in the process of reincarnation, they could possibly meet with various accidents and if the reincarnation process failed, they would end up with their souls and spirits dispersed.

Even so, in the recent ten thousand years, three practitioners had successfully reincarnated previously.

Li Moying using the <> as an explanation, could allow all the practitioners present to accept this easily.

As expected, upon hearing his words, many of them revealed an enlightened expression.

“So it’s like this… no wonder, for so many years, Sovereign Mu had never shown himself in front of everyone!”

“I can understand this now. Last year when Young Sect Master Li entered Sky Emperor City, it was Guardian Jun who personally used the Snow Cloud Sky Ship to pick him up. Back then, Young Sect Master Li was just a fresh face who had just come from the South Sky Region but yet Guardian Jun valued him so much, showing an extremely deferential attitude towards him!”

“That year, Sovereign Mu’s few Guardians had astonishing abilities and all of them were proud and arrogant so I already thought that it was strange, thinking what great ability did Li Moying possess, to be able to subdue them so easily. So… it’s because he’s Mu Chengying!”

The crowd started to engage in discussions and a majority of them all accepted Li Moying’s saying.

After all, earlier when Li Moying activated the Thousand Sword Array, he sent ten over ninth stage realm top experts flying with a raise of his hand!

This scene was something that everyone saw with their own eyes.

This point, other than Mu Chengying himself, the others totally weren’t able to do it at all!

Chi Xiao Jiu and the others all had a change of expressions as they fixed their eyes bewilderedly at Li Moying!

Instinct told them that what Li Moying said should be the truth! Because the aura coming from him was simply the second Mu Chengying! This kind of cold and overbearing inauspicious influence was something that he couldn’t possibly imitate.

But if they were all driven back by Li Moying out of fear, then Lord Zhan’s side…..

Chi Xiao Jiu coerced himself to calm down as he voiced out loudly, “You… don’t think that saying these few casual sentences would mean that you are able to cheat everyone! Do you know just how difficult it is to master <>? And just how low the reincarnation success rate is? Just based on you speaking loosely like this, on what basis should I believe that you’re Mu Chengying’s reincarnation? What proof do you have?”

Li Moying swept his disdainful gaze across him and replied icily, “Since, the Thousand Sword Array’s might earlier is unable to convince you… then…..”

He suddenly raised his arm towards the sky, as he slowly spitted out two words, “War Manifestation!”

Above the skies of Levitation Sword Palace, ten thousands of long swords cried out in unison.

Amid the quivering sounds, a long sword enveloped in bluish purple flowing light swished over and landed with a swoosh, as though it was a shooting star that cut through the skies, landing in front of Li Moying!

Li Moying raised his hand as he gripped the sword handle gently.

Everyone started screaming when they saw the look of that long sword!

“God Blade War Manifestation! This is the God Relic War Manifestation that Sovereign Mu used that year!”

“This God Relic is the most powerful sword among the Thousand Sword Array and had always been something that all Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereigns had wanted to tame for their own use, but only Mu Chengying alone had succeeded at it!”

“I heard that the long sword in the Thousand Sword Array would only acknowledge one owner! After the original owner died, it would return to the sword array and even if it met with an even stronger and abled practitioner, it would absolutely not acknowledge another owner!”