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Chapter 2516: Wedding night, no bloodshed (5)

Everyone’s gazes gathered onto Li Moying.

Right now, God Sword War Manifestation emitted a strange ray, as it integrated into one with Li Moying’s inauspicious influence, shrouding him in the middle.

His handsome features turned even blurry and that tall and unyielding image looked extremely similar to Mu Chengying, simply unable to tell them apart….

Li Moying held the sword handle hard and with a “cling clang”, War Manifestation was unsheathed from the scabbard.

He caressed the sword blade which was glimmering with brilliant lights and lowered his voice as he sighed, “It’s been so many years and I’ve finally…. returned to this place, and you’ve also finally come back to me!”

Previously although his Soul Detachment Illness wasn’t cured yet, but the first time he returned to Levitation Sword Palace, he was already able to summon God Sword War Manifestation.

But Li Moying wasn’t willing to expose his own identity and adding on to the fact that the Amethyst Light Sword that Huang Yueli gave him was a half god relic, it was extremely useful and apt in dealing with most of his enemies so he left War Manifestation in the Thousand Sword Array.

God Sword Miliary Manifestation shook in Li Moying’s fingers, giving off a vigorous cry, as though it was about to spread its wings and fly.

But no matter how it shook, it still remained in Li Moying’s hands in the very end, under his control.

Everyone were stunned from seeing this as there was plenty of evidence before them. Anyone who saw this were all able to understand Li Moying’s true identity!

When Cang Po Jun saw this, he immediately grabbed the first chance to prostrate onto the ground and shouted out loudly, “Greetings to Sovereign!”

With him leading this, the others immediately reacted to this as well.

Blue Profound Sect’s disciples all knelt on the floor at the same time, as they bowed at Li moying.

“Greetings to Sovereign!!”

Although the other Sect’s disciples weren’t required to prostrate themselves in worship at Li Moying, but under his powerful aura suppression, they had no choice but to bow their heads down voluntarily, not even daring to give a loud heave, as they all stood up and respectfully stood by the side.

This moment, it seemed that everything had returned to twenty years ago…

With Mu Chengying overseeing Blue Profound Sect, no matter which powerhouse the practitioners came from, they would all bow before him, not daring to disobey him at all.

When Chi Xiao Jiu saw this, even though he had a lot of questions in his heart and no matter how unresigned he was, he had no choice but to accept the truth….

The man in front of his eyes…. Was really Mu Chengying, who conquered the entire Soaring Heavens Continent seventeen years ago!

“You… you… really are… really are Mu Chengying! You actually…. actually mastered <>…”

Chi Xiao Jiu was both horrified and frightened as the blood that ran in his veins was almost about to freeze.

Li Moying swept a glance at him and said coldly, “This Seat had given you a chance earlier, for you to scram out of Blue Profound Sect! Too bad, you didn’t heed This Sovereign’s advice so now, don’t blame This Sovereign!”

As he said that, he waved a dazzling ray of sword glint with God Sword War Manifestation and the ferocious thunder-attributed Profound Energy instantly exploded, charging towards Chi Xiao Jiu’s direction!

Chi Xiao Jiu retreated in terror but was still struck by the sword ray in the chest, as he was sent flying while spitting out blood.

Luckily, as Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord, he had a life preserving treasure on him.

He barely managed to save his life after a piece of ninth tiered chest armour which was passed down from the ancient times was scrapped.

Chi Xiao Jiu clutched his chest as he shouted out loudly, “Ev… Everyone let’s charge! Charge altogether! If we can’t stop Li Moying, then we… we will all die here today!”