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Chapter 2514: Wedding night, no bloodshed (3)

Even for Huang Yueli, when she sensed this kind of destructive aura, her heart was alarmed.

This was exactly the most familiar feeling that she felt many years ago, that had once accompanied her through numerous crisis…..

But today…..

She disregarded the fact that it was her own wedding and directly pulled the veil down as she opened her big round eyes wide, staring at the man’s back at the entrance…..

Mu Chengying… was he going to make a comeback to Sky Emperor City?

Chi Xiao Jiu and the others naturally detected the abnormality of this, that the young man in front of them had suddenly turned so terrifying within an instance!

Even if the crowd knew that he was Li Moying, but in that instant, the name that flashed past everyone’s mind was Mu Chengying!

“How.. how is this possible… you… who exactly… are you…..” Chi Xiao Jiu trembled uncontrollably, and when he opened his mouth, his teeth were chattering nonstop.

Li Moying replied coldly, “Shouldn’t you all have guessed it already? Mu Chengying is me, and I am Mu Chengying! Mu Chengying and Li Moying….. had always been the same person!”

His voice was deep but calm, without intentionally raising his pitch.

But these few short sentences were like lightning in broad daylight, which crashed onto each and everyone’s head.

Li Moying was… Mu Chengying??

What joke was that? How was this possible?

But at this moment, the imposing manner that they felt, was something that was so familiar…..

Chi Xiao Jiu stared at him straight as he furiously shook his head, “Im… impossible… this is not possible…. don’t even think of deceiving me! You and… Mu Chengying, you don’t even look the same… moreover, Lord Zhan also said that Mu Chengying had already… already died! Lord Zhan’s words… there’s absolutely no wrong in it!”

Li Moying’s lips curled up coldly, “You’re indeed acting under Lord Zhan’s instigation!”

When Chi Xiao Jiu heard this, he realised that he had a slip of tongue and hastily shut his mouth.

Sect Master Hua almost fainted from shock as he spoke out in terror, “Impossible! How can you possibly be Mu Chengying! Aren’t you… aren’t you from the South Sky Region? Moreover, this old man would absolutely not be wrong, you’re obviously only at the bone age of twenty over years old!”

Li Moying spoke out slowly, “Your feeling isn’t wrong, I indeed am born in South Yue Kingdom and I indeed am at the bone age of twenty over years old! That’s because… Mu Chengying had already died sixteen years ago, whereas I… am his reincarnation!”


“How could there be such a thing??”

“This couldn’t possibly be real right?”

Hearing these, the crowd simply couldn’t control the shock in their hearts, as they all started crying out.

But Li Moying was totally unaffected as he explained indifferently.

“This Sovereign had indeed met with a bottleneck when I was in closed door cultivation in Levitation Sword Palace, going into Qi Deviation and was hanging on the brink of life and death. In order to preserve my life, This Sovereign chose to use the <>, splitting my primordial spirit and flesh body apart to reincarnate. Back then, South Yue Kingdom’s Second Prince Li Moying who was just six years old had just passed away and his body and This Sovereign’s primordial spirit was most congenial so that allowed This Sovereign to successfully reincarnate… in a blink of an eye, sixteen years had already passed.”

A major part of this story was actually fabricated.

In order to stabilise Blue Profound Sect’s status, he had no choice but to expose his past life’s identity but he wasn’t willing to expose Huang Yueli’s identity.

Moreover, he used an ancient cabala to rescue Huang Yueli who’s soul and spirit had already dispersed. This matter was just too strange and there probably wouldn’t be too many people who would believe in this.