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Chapter 2513: Wedding night, no bloodshed (2)

Chi Xiao Jiu quickly analysed everything and his final outcome was to clench on the fact that Li Moying had caused Mu Chengying’s death!

Anyway for this point, no matter what the truth was, Li Moying was a huge suspect.

As long as Blue Profound Sect’s disciples and the practitioners around all had a sliver of doubt towards Li Moying, they would not fully execute his orders later.

By then, Chi Xiao Jiu would be considered to be standing on the side of righteousness, so even if he killed Li Moying, he would be able to picture himself as getting rid of the vermin on Blue Profound Sect’s behalf!

Chi Xiao Jiu had a wonderful plan and moreover, the words that he said quickly took effect.

The originally silent main hall, started off with audible whisperings.

Everyone was indeed shocked by Li Moying’s ability earlier and because of this, the doubts they had towards Li Moying grew.

Cang Po Jun’s brows creased as he walked out of the palace door with huge strides, “Palace Lord Chi, you’ve still not learnt your lesson? No matter what Sovereign’s current situation is, Young Sect Master Li being able to control the Thousand Sword Array has already determined that he is Sovereign’s successor!”

“Hahahaha!” Guardian Jun, these words of yours are really giving yourself a tight slap on your face! You totally are Li Moying’s accomplice! What successor? Only the Sovereign who could control the Thousand Sword Array had been passed down to him? That Mu Chengying is definitely dead! Earlier all of you were still claiming that Mu Chengying isn’t dead! Intentionally telling lies in front of so many practitioners, what conspiracy do you have exactly?”

Chi Xiao Jiu was forceful as he grabbed hold of Cang Po Jun’s faulty wording, answering him back sarcastically.

“You…” Cang Po Jun was so infuriated that he couldn’t say a single word.

He finally understood what was called the thief crying thief!

However, from what other people thought, Mu Chengying was indeed dead… so how was he going to explain about this?

Chi Xiao Jiu’s cold smile became even more eye piercing on his face, “Why? Unable to explain? Then This Palace Lord shall…”

“You really wish to know what happened to Mu Chengying?” Li Moying interrupted him chillingly.

Chi Xiao Jiu shot a provocative look at him, “That’s right, do you dare to tell everyone the truth?”

Li Moying gave a cold harrumph, “This Sovereign was thinking that today is my big day, and on account of my wife and Father-in-law’s face, it’s best not to spill blood on the wedding… who knows that the few of you insisted on seeking death! Since that’s so, I shall let you die with a clear answer!”

At the very next moment, Li Moying’s surrounding aura suddenly changed!

A gust of extremely powerful aura was unleashed from his body, and the Thousand Sword Array above Levitation Sword Palace seemed to be in correspondence as it started crying once again, moreover the sound was even more ear piercing than before!

Li Moying’s original aura was already very strong but this time, it seemed different from the past.

The gloomy aura beneath his eyes intensified and a blood curling penetrative inauspicious influence was unleashed around him!

This aura was something that one had killed numerous strong practitioners and gathered numerous spirits of the brave departed could have, and it was absolutely not something that a twenty over year old young practitioner like Li Moying could possibly possess!

Following the intensity of this inauspicious influence deepening, no matter if it was inside Levitation Sword Palace or on the outside, all the practitioners stared at Li Moying in disbelief, as they started shaking all over.

Because at this moment, the feeling that he gave everyone, seemed to have changed into another person!

He had changed into…. The Number One Top Expert in Soaring Heavens Continent Mu Chengying!

Even if there was a difference in their looks, but Li Moying stood there with an austere look, but that made everyone think of Mu Chengying involuntarily!