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Chapter 2510: Mu Chengying… is not dead yet! (7)

However, just as Chi Xiao Jiu bent down his waist, his gaze swept past the entire main hall once again.

Nothing! Still nothing!

No matter how he searched, he was still unable to find where Mu Chengying was hiding!

Moreover, when he carefully recalled what happened earlier, he then realised that the person who activated the Thousand Sword Array… was actually Li Moying!

Chi Xiao Jiu lifted his head up as he shouted, “Li Moying! You’re making this unnecessarily complicated again! Where is Mu Chengying? Where exactly is he?”

Li Moying’s lips curled in ridicule, “Don’t you understand what I said?”

Chi Xiao Jiu laughed coldly, “What do you mean? You’re still trying to cheat me? I don’t know what method did you use to cause the false façade of those thousands of swords to whine but fake is still a fake! Mu Chengying is totally not present and the Thousand Sword Array will not possibly listen to your command! Using such a method will not scare me at all!”

Six Sacred Lands top experts had already paled from the fright.

But now when they heard what Chi Xiao Jiu said, they all started to calm down a little.

Thousand Sword Array was suddenly activated and that indeed was a little terrifying but hadn’t no one seen Mu Chengying appear yet?

Speaking of this, the might of the sword array was not totally unleashed and it merely rang a few times above their heads…..

Perhaps, it really was Li Moying who was deliberately making it mystifying?

Chi Xiao Jiu turned his head back and shot a hint to the other Six Sacred Lands top experts, “Fellow practitioners, let’s all persuade Young Sect Master Li!”

Those top experts all hesitated for a moment but they all started to stand up one after another, as they walked next to Chi Xiao Jiu and faced Li Moying altogether.

The possibility of Mu Chengying alive was minute but Lord Zhan’s threat was truly existent!

From what they thought, choosing to stand along with Chi Xiao Jiu, was more advantageous to themselves.

“Young Sect Master Li…..” Chi Xiao Jiu had more confidence once he gained the others’ support, and started to speak delightfully.

However, he had just started when Li Moying cut him off coldly, “Since you insist on seeking death…. then don’t blame This Sovereign!”

His words had just ended when the sword cries above Levitation Sword Palace instantly became even more powerful by several times, simply tearing one’s eardrums apart!

Following that, penetrative sword qi was heard swooshing, as it swept right in from the main entrance!

This gust of sword qi was ferocious and incisive and no one dared to go up against it, not even daring to have the courage to take a look at it!

All the practitioners started to cry out in shock, as they all scrambled everywhere in bid to hide!

However, these few gusts of sword qi totally didn’t injure the surrounding innocent guests, but were directly sweeping towards Chi Xiao Jiu and the others!

Chi Xiao Jiu’s heart pounded wildly, as a horrendous shocked look appeared on his face!

But those people beside him were after all Sky Chart top experts from the Six Sacred Lands and even if they met with the might from the Thousand Sword Array, they were still able to draw out their Profound Armaments to put up a resistance pose in the nick of time.

Alas, this was all fruitless.

The sword qi was sharp like knives and quick as lightning and in a blink of an eye, it was right in front of them.

They didn’t even have the time to fight back as their protection profound qi had completely broken down in a breath’s time!

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, ten over ninth stage realm peak practitioners were swept out of Levitation Sword Palace while shouting miserably, as they were sent tumbling down the jade stairs outside the palace doors.

This scene happened simply too quickly!

Many of them were scared till their bodies turned stiff and they hadn’t even had time to respond at all when everything had already ended.

The sword cries also slowly started to settle down.