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Chapter 2511: Mu Chengying… is not dead yet! (8)

The main hall fell into total silence once again.

Moreover this time round, the gazes which everyone shot towards Li Moying, was filled with reverence and terror!

Many of them had heard of how powerful Blue Profound Sect’s Thousand Sword Array was.

But legends were still legends after all and no matter how powerful the rumour was, it could not be compared to witnessing it personally!

Mythical Flame Palace’s Chi Xiao Jiu was one of the numerous top rated exponents in Sky Emperor City in the past few years whereas those dozen over practitioners behind him from the Six Sacred Lands all had ninth stage realm peak cultivations!

Such ability, no matter where they went or whatever enemy they faced, they practically could gain victory easily!

However, in front of the Thousand Sword Array, they were actually unable to withstand a single blow at all!

Li Moying merely moved his finger and dilapidated so many top exponents in his hands, as though they were the pile of dirtiest and most disgusting rubbish, sweeping them out of the door without showing any mercy…

Just what kind of terrifying power was that!

Simply made one unable to imagine!

Li Moying’s expression was congealed with frost, his eyes as dark as ink as he moved his legs forward.

Just at this moment, a fair slender hand stretched out from the side, tugging his sleeve, “Moying?”

Hearing the young lady’s delicate soft voice ringing by the side of his ear, the frost in Li Moying’s eyes instantly melted as he revealed a tender look while speaking softly, “Li’er, today I’m really worried. I didn’t handle this properly hence causing our wedding to become so disorderly. Just wait a little longer for me…..”

“Oh…. Alright then.”

The young lady’s voice carried a coquettish hint but her slender fingers had already loosened her grip.

Li Moying took another step forward, as he headed towards Levitation Sword Palace’s entrance.

He swept past the entire main hall and passed by all the practitioners, but none of them dared to lift their heads to look at him straight in the eye.

Everyone automatically bowed their heads down when Li Moying passed by, taking on a submissive pose.

The main hall was exceptionally quiet with only the sound of footsteps which came from Li Moying’s shoes on the jade and stone flooring.

Outside the palace doors, Chi Xiao Jiu and the others were cutting a sorry state as they were injured badly, but were not in a critical situation.

In order not to injure those other ordinary guests who had come forward genuinely to offer their congratulations, Li Moying intentionally suppressed the might of the Thousand Sword Array, controlling the sword qi in an extremely minute boundary, just dealing with the people from the Six Sacred Lands.

If not for this reason, if he were to unleash the full power of the Thousand Sword Array, there might not be anyone alive in the main hall now.

Chi Xiao Jiu struggled to get up as he clutched his chest with a green complexion. But as compared to the physical pain that he suffered, he had a greater blow mentally instead.

“How is this possible? What on earth is going on?? Why was that brat Li Moying also able to exhibit such power from the Thousand Sword Array??”

Behind him was the gloomy Sky Devil Sect’s Sect Master and he was already a old time top expert who was already over a hundred years old. It had been more than a decade since he took action personally and in order for them to take down the Number One Sacred Lands today, he came forward personally but he had not expected to lose his footing in front of so many practitioners today, causing such a huge embarrassment to himself!

“What exactly is going on?? Palace Lord Chi, before we came, hadn’t you made a solemn vow that Mu Chengying was no longer in this world??”

Chi Xiao Jiu was berated in such a manner and his anger just arose out of nowhere, “Sect Master Hua, are you doubting the authenticity of Lord Zhan’s information?”

Hearing Lord Zhan’s name, Sect Master Hua silently trembled, “I… I don’t mean it in this way….”