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Chapter 2509: Mu Chengying… is not dead yet! (6)

Li Moying slowly opened his mouth, “There’s no need to, actually, Mu Chengying has always been inside this main hall.”

Chi Xiao Jiu was stunned, “What did you say??”

All the practitioners thought that they had heard wrongly and when they recovered their senses, a clamour broke out.

“Sovereign Mu is in Levitation Sword Palace’s main hall? Where? Where is he?”

“Could he have mingled among the Blue Profound Sect’s people?”

“Not possible right? I’ve seen all the Elders from Blue Profound Sect and I don’t see Mu Chengying.”

“What exactly is going on? Is Young Sect Master Li lying to us?”

Everyone couldn’t help but leave their seats as they stood up and looked everywhere, hoping to find Mu Chengying from the crowd! But no matter how they tried, they just couldn’t tell which practitioner next to them could possibly be Mu Chengying!

That year’s Mu Chengying who had gone into closed door cultivation, was a second to none handsome male in Soaring Heavens Continent. Adding on to his cultivation and potential, he was absolutely an outstanding hero who was supercilious so anyone would be able to recognise him on one look. But how could it be possible that they had looked for him for half a day but still were unable to find him?

Chi Xiao Jiu’s vision swept past the human crowd repeatedly and later on his face turned cold as he turned towards Li Moying again.

“Young Sect Master Li, do you treat everyone here as idiots? Sovereign Mu is in the main hall? Where is he? Do you think that we are all blind??”

Li Moying’s lips curled up chillingly, “You are indeed all blind! Mu Chengying, he’s always been right… here!”

Following the last word that left his lips, Li Moying’s wrist flipped and the Amethyst Light Sword was already unsheathed!

A ray of blinding electrical current shot up into the sky, blinding all the practitioners with slightly lower cultivations into losing their vision!

This bolt of electric current shot out from the entrance of the main hall, crashing against that famous Thousands Sword Array above Levitation Sword Palace!

Almost in an instance, the array was thoroughly activated.

Blaring sharp sword cries were heard from all around as it shot right through the skies!

At the same time, the sword qi which was cold like water and penetrative like a knife, instantly pervaded the entire Levitation Sword Palace!

All the guests in the main hall had an instantaneous change of expression!

Blue Profound Sect’s most powerful Thousand Sword Array was something that all the practitioners in Sky Emperor City, could never have not heard of before!

This huge array has been passed down since ancient times and even if it was several thousands of years ago, it was a peak rate array which was able to fight against all the strong practitioners. Even for tenth stage realm practitioners, if they were struck once by it, they would instantly be turned into fine powder! Mind and spirit would be exterminated!

Under such a powerful threat, which practitioner didn’t feel afraid and who wouldn’t be scared witless?

A few leaders of some small forces were already shaking from fear, almost short of pissing in their pants.

Even those ninth stage realm peak practitioners from the Six Sacred Lands had all turned pale!

Although the Thousand Sword Array was scary, but what was most terrifying was the person who controlled the Thousand Sword Array!

Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign’s method of gaining control of the Thousand Sword Array was handed down from generation to generation and only the Sovereign alone was able to display all the might of the array! Moreover, only the Sovereign of each generation would pass this down to his successor right before their death, and it was absolutely not possible for two people who could activate the array at the same time, to exist at all.

Whereas now, this array which had been silent for so many years had once again displayed its full power…..

Could it be that, Mu Chengying was still alive??

Thinking of this point, Chi Xiao Jiu’s legs turned into jelly as he almost knelt down on the spot.

Based on what he had done today at the wedding, if Mu Chengying was really still alive, he would absolutely make him live a life which was worse than death!