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Chapter 2508: Mu Chengying… is not dead yet! (5)

“What?? How could that be possible??”

“Rubbish, what you said cannot be true, stop thinking of trying to malign Young Sect Master!”

“Right, you must be deceiving us!”

Blue Profound Sect’s disciples all couldn’t stand still when they heard this, as they all started to hurl abuses back at him.

However, Chi Xiao Jiu remained composed with a cold smile, “Hng, think carefully if what This Palace Lord said is true or not! I am reminding you out of kind-heartedness, that you shouldn’t be deceived by this fellow’s conspiracy! Otherwise by then, it’d be too late for you to regret it!”

A majority of disciples weren’t cheated by his mere words as they stood upright, holding their long swords firmly in their hands, not swayed at all.

But there were a minority of people who developed suspiciousness as their gazes drifted towards Li Moying.

Li Moying gave a cold harrumph as he spoke out icily, “I’ve already said, Sovereign Mu isn’t dead! I don’t wish to say this for the third time!”

“Hur hur, you’re saying that Mu Chengying isn’t dead, then he really isn’t dead? I’ve also said this earlier, that that’s all empty talk without any evidence so all you need to do is to ask Mu Chengying to come out and meet all of us! Today there are so many practitioners around to be your witness, so as long as Mu Chengying personally appears, who will dare to create rumours like this? Just using such a simple method to prove yourself, but yet Young Sect Master Li just refuses to do so! Doesn’t this mean that you have a guilty conscience?!” Chi Xiao Jiu barked sharply.

In terms of feelings and reason, even for the most loyal disciples in Blue Profound Sect, they had no choice but to admit that Chi Xiao Jiu’s words weren’t wrong at all!

He had already put it out like this, so if Li Moying still refused to let the crowd meet Mu Chengying, that could only mean that… Mu Chengying had really met with a mishap and died!

Most practitioners actually knew that saying Cang Po Jun and the others to intentionally murder Mu Chengying, was most likely not possible.

But as long as Mu Chengying encountered any problems while he was in closed door seclusion, that was a destructive blow towards the Number One Sacred Lands!

Everyone kept their watchful eyes on Li Moying.

It had come to this stage so he shouldn’t be finding any other reason to muddle through this, so finally… how was he going to decide?

Li Moying pursed his lips as he stood on the high stage, looking down at everyone from above.

His gaze was becoming more abstruse and his voice turned icier still, like it came from hades.

“Since you insist on meeting Mu Chengying himself, then for me to continue pushing it, indeed seems inexcusable…”

When he said that, Blue Profound Sect’s disciples all revealed their shocked expressions.

“Sovereign Mu is really still alive?”

“Looks like we will really be able to meet Sovereign Mu today!”

To be able to personally see this awe-inspiring Number One Top Expert in Soaring Heavens Continent, it was a dream for so many young practitioners! Now that they were finally able to materialise this, they were naturally overjoyed.

But Chi Xiao Jiu’s body shook, “You really… today you will let us meet Mu Chengying?”

“That’s right.” Li Moying nodded his head.

Chi Xiao Jiu didn’t believe that such a matter could happen so he clenched his teeth silently as he braced himself, “Alright, then hurry on and ask Mu Chengying to come out! This Palace Lord can’t wait to meet my old friend!”

Chi Xiao Jiu was feeling extremely shocked in his heart.

He had always assumed that the information that Lord Zhan had given him would absolutely not be wrong, but Li Moying’s attitude was so firm….

What exactly had gone wrong?

Li Moying’s body straightened up loftily and he didn’t move as he totally did not show that he had any intention of preparing to move to the rear hall to convey the message at all.

Chi Xiao Jiu cooled down, “Young Sect Master Li, aren’t you going to invite Sovereign Mu out?”