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Chapter 2507: Mu Chengying… is not dead yet! (4)

“Bam bam bam bam!”

The few attendants’ fall consecutively onto the ground was heard.

Li Moying’s expression abruptly changed as the Profound energy in his body emitted uncontrollably!

“Palace Lord Chi, doing such things in the Blue Profound Sect like this, did you really think that there’s no one in our Sect? Men!”

Following Li Moying’s command, all the disciples in Blue Profound Sect pulled out their swords at one go.

The scenario was filled with “tseng~ing” sounds from their swords being unsheathed.

Bitter cold glints glared as the murderous air pervaded!

Those practitioners who attended the wedding banquet all drew in a breath of cold air!

Most of them had not imagined that this was originally a joyous occasion, but it actually took such an abrupt change, turning into a scene where both parties opposed each other with equal harshness!

Those second- and third-rate forces who didn’t want to cause trouble had already shut their mouths as they lowered their heads and cowered on their seats, deeply afraid they would invite disaster upon themselves.

Chi Xiao Jiu was pushed back by Li Moying’s might, and he actually couldn’t help but take a few steps back!

He had not imagined Li Moying’s potential to actually take this major step in just a few short months, totally not any weaker than himself, a Sky Chart top exponent!

Chi Xiao Jiu was silently shocked but his train of thoughts underwent a change. Even if Li Moying’s innate talent was high, but he still hadn’t reached the ninth stage realm peak and his ability still had a limit and was absolutely incomparable against Li Moying!

On their side was a gathering of the top experts from the Six Sacred Lands and those who were at the wedding were ten over ninth stage realm peak experts. Including Elder Chen and the others who had infiltrated into Blue Profound Sect previously, they had a total of twenty over top experts!

This kind of ability was enough to sweep horizontally across the entire Blue Profound Sect!

Unless… Mu Chengying suddenly appeared otherwise just based on Li Moying and the few Guardians and Elders, they totally couldn’t stop them at all!

Thinking of this, Chi Xiao Jiu couldn’t help but start laughing loudly, “Hahahaha, it’s simply too funny! Li Moying, stop putting on this sanctimonious look on your face! Tell us the truth, what exactly have you done to Sovereign Mu?”

He even turned his head around, looking at those Blue Profound Sect’s disciples who had grouped into sword array formation to say, “You lads, don’t ill reward a person’s kindness! This Palace Lord said this today, is not for myself, but for you ordinary disciples of Blue Profound Sect! Don’t be deceived by Li Moying! What Sovereign’s direct disciple, what Young Sect Master Li! These are something that he says himself, which of you have seen Mu Chengying appearing himself, to admit this fellow’s identity?”

When he said that, quite a number of them among those Blue Profound Sect’s disciples who were accumulating power to wait for the opportunity to strike, all went into a daze.

Chi Xiao Jiu’s words were direct and struck the key point, which actually reflected quite a number of their puzzlement.

When Li Moying arrived at Blue Profound Sect, it was Cang Po Jun who went over to welcome him personally and not long after that, the news of Mu Chengying coming out of closed door and taking in a disciple was passed, but even for those Blue Profound Sect disciples, none of them had seen Mu Chengying’s true countenance after he came out of closed door cultivation!

All the Sect’s affairs and duties were all instructed down by Li Moying on his behalf.

Usually, no one would dare to question Li Moying’s orders.

Because based on his innate talent and ability, becoming Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master, was something that he should have deserved.

But now that Chi Xiao Jiu said it in this manner…..

When Chi Xiao Jiu saw this, he became even more complacent as he raised his voice, “Everyone, to tell you the truth, This Palace Lord had always been suspecting that not long after Sovereign Mu had gone into closed door cultivation, he had already met with a mishap! Whereas Li Moying, Cang Po Jun and the others had kept claiming that Sovereign Mu is still alive, just so that Li Moying is able to gain a stronghold over his position as Young Sect Master, to take Blue Profound Sect as his own! In other words, Sovereign Mu had long been murdered by their alliance!”