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Chapter 2506: Mu Chengying… is not dead yet! (3)

There were also some whose attentions were on Li Moying, and totally hadn’t realised that anything was amiss.

But now after they were reminded by Chi Xiao Jiu, they started to understand the situation.

In an instance, the entire main hall broke out into a clamour and everyone were discussing enthusiastically as the gazes they casted on the newlyweds were filled with astonishment and questioning.

Li Moying stood unyieldingly as his good looking countenance was filled with a layer of frost.

“Sovereign Mu has not appeared naturally because he has his own reason and this is part of Blue Profound Sect’s matters! If I don’t remember wrongly, your distinguished self should be Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord, but to actually try to control our Blue Profound Sect… aren’t your hands stretched a little too long!”

Chi Xiao Jiu gave a disapproving reply, “Young Sect Master Li is joking! Sovereign Mu is Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Top Expert and is the role model and target that the entire Continent’s practitioners look up to! Anything related to him, isn’t part of Blue Profound Sect’s private affairs, but something that the entire Continent needs to know! Previously, the Guardians kept saying that Sovereign Mu is in closed door seclusion, then later on they said that Sovereign Mu is out of closed door seclusion and had even taken in a disciple as his successor! Everyone somehow feels that you all are totally loyal to Sovereign Mu, hence no one doubted your words! But now…”

He paused and his penetrative gaze swept towards Li Moying, Cang Po Jun and the others as he gave a cold laugh.

All the practitioners held their breaths to wait for him to open his mouth and he then continued, “Now, at such an important occasion, Sovereign Mu is still not appearing so this simply makes This Seat unable to help but suspect…. Is Sovereign Mu still alive??”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s last sentence was glossed with Profound Energy and his sonorous and powerful voice revolved around the entire main hall!

Instantly, the main hall went silent!

Because this question was exactly what everyone wanted to know!

No matter if it was to deal with the Sacred Land Blue Profound Sect or to attach themselves to Blue Profound Sect’s forces, all the practitioners always had this question in their minds….

Was Mu Chengying… still alive or not!

Just like what Chi Xiao Jiu said, Mu Chengying’s life and death, was not only related to Blue Profound Sect itself!

But it had a huge connection to the situation in Soaring Heavens Continent!

If Mu Chengying had died, then the entire Continent’s framework would be reshuffled.

Without the Number One Top Expert’s absolute power to suppress them, just how many forces which wanted to take advantage of the chaos to move up were there and by then, the entire Soaring Heavens Continent would definitely enter a blood stench rainstorm once again!

Every pair of eyes were fixed attentively onto Li Moying.

Li Moying replied in a deep voice, “Mu Chengying…. he’s naturally still alive, and moreover he’s in Blue Profound Sect! No one needs to suspect this point at all!”

“Oh? Really?” Chi Xiao Jiu laughed coldly and spoke out slowly, “Since Sovereign Mu is well and alive, and moreover he is in Blue Profound Sect, then why is he not attending his beloved disciple’s wedding? He only had this one direct disciple and Young Sect Master Li’s wedding is probably more important than his closed door cultivation right! Could it be that… Sovereign Mu had suffered some serious injuries or he has gone into Qi Deviation hence he is unable to appear?”

Li Moying replied coldly, “Sovereign Mu’s actions, does he even need to report to you? If Palace Lord Chi doesn’t wish to attend the wedding, then you may please leave on your own! Levitation Sword Palace isn’t a place where you can act as you wish! Men, send the guest out!”

Under his command, a few attendants headed up to usher Chi Xiao Jiu out.

However, Chi Xiao Jiu thought that he had seen through Li Moying’s scheme and he totally had nothing to fear hence he directly sent those few attendants flying!