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Chapter 2504: Mu Chengying… is not dead yet! (1)

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Li Moying got off the horse and shot towards the bridal sedan like an arrow as he stretched out his hand into the curtain in front, silently waiting for his bride to appear.

Everyone was fully concentrated in the direction of the bridal sedan as they held their breaths.

Huang Yueli sat inside the bridal sedan and her head was covered by the thick and heavy head covering so she could only see that slender big hand as it slowly extended towards her, firmly and dedicatedly stopping in front of her.

Huang Yueli’s lips which had bright red rouge applied on it curled upwards, as she placed her little hand onto Li Moying’s.

The moment their palms met, Li Moying instantly clasped his fingers, wrapping her fair and beautiful little hand tightly into his hand.

“Li’er, follow me!” Li Moying’s mellow voice rang.

Not knowing why, the usual familiar voice that she was extremely used to, sounded extremely sexy today and that made her ears turn red, her face flushed with a shade of red.

Luckily her face was hidden by the head covering hence no one else was able to see her expression now.

Huang Yueli was led by Li Moying by her hand as they walked step by step towards Levitation Sword Palace.

She had walked this path numerous times and she was actually extremely familiar with it.

Even without Li Moying’s lead, she would absolutely not trip and fall.

However, at this moment, when her hand was held on tightly by Li Moying, walking towards the palace, her heart was filled with joy and peace.

After tonight, she and Li Moying would really be a true husband and wife.

From today onwards, their names would be linked together forever, and no matter when, at any moment or in any difficulties, nothing would be able to separate them….

Amid the crowd’s envious chattering, the newlyweds had already walked hand in hand to the front of the main hall.

On the host seats, the bride and groom’s Seniors were already seated at their positions.

Huang Yueli’s side’s Senior, naturally was Bai Liufeng who had attended the function personally whereas on Li Moying’s side, it was his biological father for this lifetime, South Yue Kingdom’s Emperor.

Some days ago, he was brought over together with Cai Wei and the others to Sky Emperor City.

On seeing the envoys sent from Blue Profound Sect, this Emperor was almost scared out of his wits!

He simply couldn’t imagine how he was related to the awe inspiring Number One Sacred Lands in Soaring Heavens Continent and thought that he had unwittingly offended someone, hence he had caused the large Sect’s call for revenge!

Whoever knew the result was that these people were actually here to invite him to attend Li Moying’s wedding!

When he met with Li Moying and Bai Liufeng in Levitation Sword Palace, the Emperor thought that he was still in a dream! It took him a long time before he was able to accept this truth!

He had not expected that in the past few years, the son whom he had slighted so much had actually become the successor of the Number One Sacred Lands! This was really a cake which fell from the heavens, crashing onto his head!

The Emperor was extremely elated and tried ways and means to express his fatherly love, to pull his ties to Li Moying a little closer.

However, Li Moying treated him coldly and the both of them totally didn’t have much feelings to talk about. Li Moying had invited him here because he just wanted to make his wedding look a little more normal!

Seeing this pair of newlyweds walking forward hand in hand, the Emperor was both excited and melancholic.

Seated right beside him was Bai Liufeng and was considered as a friend who was on close terms with him back then.

But now, Bai Liufeng was already a ninth stage realm peak top expert whereas he….

The both of them were totally not in the same world any longer.

Cang Po Jun gave a slight cough when he saw Li Moying and Huang Yueli standing still, “The wedding ceremony shall officially start right now…..”