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Chapter 2505: Mu Chengying… is not dead yet! (2)

“First bow to Heaven and Earth…..”

Li Moying and Huang Yueli were just about to bend over and bow.

Suddenly, a cold harrumph from the spectators was heard, “Hold on!”

The person who called out had used Profound Energy, and his voice instantly emitted throughout the entire venue.

The original bustling main hall was cut off by this cold harsh voice, and that was extremely abrupt!

Everyone had a shock as they turned their heads to take a look.

Chi Xiao Jiu stood up from the VIP seat as he took a step forward and his expression was astute and conceited, as though he was worried that no one had realised that he was the one who disrupted the wedding ceremony!

Cang Po Jun’s face sunk, “Palace Lord Chi, what do you mean by this? This is our Young Sect Master’s big day and you call out suddenly like this, isn’t that a little too lacking in manners!”

Hearing his harsh accusation, Chi Xiao Jiu seemed as though he had nothing to fear as he continued with a cold laugh, “I’m lacking in manners? I think the one who’s lacking manners is your Blue Profound Sect!”


Cang Po Jun was just about to open his mouth when he saw Li Moying stretching out his hand to stop him.

Li Moying looked towards Chi Xiao Jiu as his glare was chilly, “Palace Lord Chi, what do you mean by that? Today you interrupted my wedding and if you don’t give a logical explanation for this, then I have no other choice but to believe that Mythical Flame Palace is intentionally going against the Blue Profound Sect!”

Hearing what Li Moying said, all the practitioners present all sucked in a breath of cold air!

Most of them who had come to Levitation Sword Palace, were all hoping that they would be able to witness the rare joyous occasion in the past hundred years in Soaring Heavens Continent, and at the same time, fawn on the Number One Sacred Lands.

Originally they thought that it was an easy task but whoever knew that the wedding ceremony was still ongoing and Chi Xiao Jiu actually jumped out!

From the stance, he who came was surely ill-intentioned and no well meaning would continue…..

Whereas Li Moying’s attitude was even tougher!

Chi Xiao Jiu saw Li Moying’s imposing manner and suddenly feel a chill running down his back. Not knowing why, he suddenly felt that this immensely handsome young man in front of him seemed to have an indescribable strong aura on him and that made one develop fear from the bottom of their hearts on one look!

Momentarily, he developed an illusion, thinking that the person he saw was actually Mu Chengying!

Ling Qing Yu who was beside him tugged him and Chi Xiao Jiu regained his senses.

Earlier he…. must have been too anxious, hence he developed that hallucination…..

Li Moyhign this stinky brat was just twenty over years old and no matter how powerful he was, there was a limit to it so what was going on with him earlier?

Chi Xiao Jiu cleared his throat and said, “Young Sect Master Li, these words of yours are simply too much! Who is the one who is intentionally disrupting the wedding, you should know this very clearly! Since you are intentionally acting blue, then I shall stand on behalf of the guests here to ask this, as the Number One Sacred Lands’ Young Sect Master getting married, such a major event, why isn’t your Master present?”

His words were direct and plainspoken, as he cut right into the cheese.

The main hall first quietened down and instantly broke out into a clamour!

“Right, Young Sect Master Li is getting married but why hadn’t Sovereign Mu shown himself?”

“That’s right, Young Sect Master Li’s proper Senior should be Sovereign Mu right? Who’s that old man seated on the Senior’s seat? His cultivation is so weak, I can simply crush him with one finger so who does he think he is?”

“That’s too strange! Wasn’t it said that Sovereign Mu has already come out of closed door cultivation hence he could take Young Sect Master Li as his disciple? Where is he??”

Actually, just before the wedding ceremony started, some of them had already realised that Mu Chengying was absent but many of them didn’t dare to bring this up at this kind of occasion.