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Chapter 2503: The big day (10)

A “creak” sound was heard and the room door opened up.

Li Moying had already been waiting outside for an entire day and he finally saw the tightly shut door opening up.

His joy was reflected on his brows and without considering anything else, he directly shot forward and inside.


Li Moying’s footsteps halted and he was stunned as he stared blankly at the young lady in front of him.

Huang Yueli had already put on the bright red bridal gown and was seated in front of the table with a smile on her face as her pitch black hair was tied into a complicated but elegant bun.

Her face was done up with an extremely beautiful make-up and her lips were applied with a bright red lipstick which enhanced her already graceful and refined features.

Huang Yueli usually dressed up in an simple neutral colours which made her look refreshed and free from vulgarities, so she rarely put on such thick makeup.

But to a genuine peerless beauty like her, light or heavy makeup had its own characteristics, and as it was different from her usual dressing, it reflected another side of her beauty.

Li Moying’s eyes went straight and for a moment in time, he even forgot to breathe!

Just at this moment, a red coloured head covering was dropped from the top of her head, blocking out her stunning looks.

At the same time, Bai Liufeng hissed through gritted teeth, “Are you done looking! You haven’t even completed the ceremony and just stare at the bride like this, whatever next??”

Li Moying knew that he was in the wrong as he hurriedly lowered his head and retracted his gaze.

“Father-in-law please be appeased, it’s my mistake.”

However, inside his heart, he was reminiscing that graceful beauty that he had glimpsed upon earlier…

Bai Liufeng felt unresigned and started to criticise Li Moying a little more but no matter how unresigned he was, the auspicious hour was closing in and he could only personally carry Huang Yueli on his back, sending her onto the bridal sedan…..

In the main hall of Levitation Sword Palace, the guests who were here to offer their congratulatory messages had all arrived.

Other than Cang Po Yu who was still recuperating, Cang Po Jun, Cang Po Hun and other respectable ninth stage realm Elders in Blue Profound Sect were now in the main hall receiving guests.

Many of them stepped into Levitation Sword Palace’s restricted area Levitation Sword Palace for the first time and were all full of praise for the wedding venue.

However, the guests had already drank three cups of tea and they waited for a long time but had yet to see the bride and groom appear.

Most of the guests were puzzled but as this was Blue Profound Sect’s turf, they didn’t dare to ask too much.

Chi Xiao Jiu and the other Six Sacred Lands’ Sect Masters all silently exchanged gazes.

As time pushed past, even Cang Po Jun found it strange as he summoned the female attendant, “Go to the rear mountain and ask, why hasn’t Sovereign and Grandmaster Huang come over yet?”

Although he also understood that Bai Liufeng would definitely be out to make things difficult for Li Moying, but….. it was already so late so wasn’t it dragged on for too long already!

Luckily, just as the female attendant was prepared to step outside, there was a burst of clamour and shrills coming from the entrance.

“They’re here, they’re here! The bridal sedan is already at Levitation Sword Palace’s entrance! Young Sect Master Li had also arrived!!”

“Young Sect Master Li is indeed the newly ascended Number One Handsome Male of the Continent! He looks simply dashing in the groom’s clothes…”

“No matter how handsome he is, you don’t have a chance! He’s the groom today!”

Various younger generation disciples all couldn’t suppress themselves as they all crowded around the door to join in the fun.

When Cang Po Jun and the others saw that, they also went forward to welcome them with a face filled with joy!

Levitation Sword Palace’s empty space in front of the door had already firmly planted a luxuriously decorated bridal sedan.