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Chapter 2498: The big day (5)

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However, when the few of them lowered their heads to take a look at the gift list, their countenances all changed at the same time.

“Damn, what bad luck! What is this plaything??” Someone who managed to grab the gift list instantly threw it out on the spot again!

Although the remaining few people couldn’t bear to throw it aside, their faces all reflected anger.

“I thought Mythical Flame Palace and Celestial Heavens Gate would come out with some treasure but it’s merely some fifth tiered and sixth tiered medicinal pills and Profound Armaments, how could they even come out with such things??”

“One of the Seven Sacred Lands, yet they’re so poor to such a ghastly state? Who are they trying to bluff?”

“Stingy! Simply too stingy! Does Mythical Flame Palace want their face or not, to come personally for the wedding but just bringing these few meagre gifts? No wonder Guardian Jun is so angry!”

“Guardian Jun really has a good temper, only throwing the gift list away! He probably doesn’t want to blow things up at the wedding, otherwise it will be too much of a bad luck to spill blood!”

The surrounding practitioners all stretched their necks out, wanting to see the contents of the gift list. But even if they weren’t able to see it from such a far distance, they were still able to hear from their companions the truth about them.

Momentarily, everyone had a look of interest on their faces and the gazes they casted upon Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu were completely filled with disdain!

Especially those few people who worked so hard to snatch the gift list, rage was filling their hearts!

There were quite a number of eight stage realm practitioners with ability and potential to suppress the others and based on their own abilities, they all wouldn’t take any fancy towards these play stuff on Chi Xiao Jiu’s gift list!

But in order to fight for the gift list, quite a number of them had suffered a not-too-light injury in the process of snatching it!

In the end, what they received were merely these few playthings!

This made them feel deeply that they were being taken for a fool!

Whereas they wouldn’t feel that they were being taken for a round by Blue Profound Sect because after all, Cang Po Jun was so generous to have given out the congratulatory gifts given by other Sacred Lands! The Number One Sacred Land was indeed rich and imposing!

In comparison, Mythical Flame Palace and Celestial Light Gate were simply too stingy which made the others unable to continue watching!

These few broken play stuff, were they really trying to drive away a beggar??

Of course, the ordinary practitioners naturally didn’t have the guts to challenge the two Sacred Lands’ owners, but their anger were flourishing in their hearts, so that didn’t stop them from making cynical remarks to disparage Mythical Flame Palace and Celestial Heavens Gate!

Moreover, Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu had caused public fury this round, so whether if it was those who had managed to snatch or not, they all were extremely disdainful towards such stingy acts.

Just because they had more people and they were at the mountain entrance of Blue Profound Sect, the masses of practitioners weren’t afraid of them exacting revenge as their sneers were absolutely unrestrained!

Chi Xiao Jiu’s face turned steely green as the more he heard, the more furious he got and he couldn’t help but give an angry shout, “Enough! Whoever dares to say one more word, This Seat will absolutely chop him into a thousand pieces!”

He was after all a ninth stage realm peak Sky Chart top expert and when his might was unleashed, most of the practitioners were scared stiff.

The clamouring discussions all came to a halt for a moment.

But just at this moment, Cang Po Jun who had been watching silently by the side opened his mouth slowly as he said, “Palace Lord Chi, what are you doing? Why are you so fired up?”

Chi Xiao Jiu turned his head and took an angry look at him, “Guardian Jun, you’re simply bullying intolerably! We the two Sacred Lands have come forward to send our congratulatory gift so forget it if you don’t take fancy to it, yet you actually just threw it casually to the other practitioners? This is simply a insult to Mythical Flame Palace and Celestial Heavens Gate!”

A cold glint flashed past Cang Po Jun’s eyes, “Insult? Palace Lord Chi putting it in such a manner is simply too much! Earlier you said it personally that these gifts aren’t worth anything and you were the one who asked us to casually play around with it….”