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Chapter 2497: The big day (4)

“This Seat felt a little embarrassed but later on, I thought this over. Blue Profound Sect is wealthy and imposing so you shouldn’t be lacking in just these few pieces of high tiered Profound Artifacts so This Seat might as not make a fool of myself, haha! These few items, just casually have a little fun with it, just a little token to show my respects!”

As Chi Xiao Jiu was talking, he started laughing as he was quite pleased with himself, with an expression as though he had nothing to fear, totally not worrying that Blue Profound Sect might be displeased!

In his heart he was thinking that after tonight, Sky Emperor City would no longer exist under the name of Blue Profound Sect.

Since that was so, what did he have to worry and fear about? Naturally he wouldn’t even leave a single bit of face for them!

Cang Po Jun’s expression grew extremely unsightly. If it wasn’t for the fact that before he came, Huang Yueli had specially instructed him thoroughly, he might had already lost control of himself, to throw back this gift list onto Chi Xiao Jiu’s immensely pleased face, directly beating him up so badly that he was unable to take care of himself!

This look of the vile character being conceited and arrogant really made one disgusted from the deepest abyss of his heart!

Wasn’t it just because he betrayed his own Sect’s younger talents to exchange for excellent grade medicinal pills from Lord Zhan, hence this trash was then able to breakthrough to ninth stage realm peak? If not for the fact that he had indulged in such a shameless deal, just based on Chi Xiao Jiu’s innate talent, he would never be able to ascend the Sky Chart for his entire life!

This kind of person, actually dared to hoot in Blue Profound Sect’s turf?

Even for Cang Po Jun who had always had a stable personality was also angered by him this time round, as he entered a state of turmoil between man and heaven.

However, Chi Xiao Jiu seemed as though he had not detected the abnormality in Cang Po Jun’s emotions, or perhaps to say, he had already noticed it but he totally didn’t treat it as something to be concerned about.

“Guardian Jun, you’re already accepted the gift list, still not going to speed up and lead the way for This Seat and Eldest Young Miss Ling? The time’s no longer early, let’s not delay the auspicious hour!”

Cang Po Jun finally couldn’t continue listening to him as he just directly casted the gift list aside.

The gift list flew towards the crowd like two pairs of butterflies as it floated breezily and quickly disappeared.

Chi Xiao Jiu didn’t expect him to do such a thing as he instantly blew up, “Guardian Jun, what do you mean by this??”

Cang Po Jun replied coldly, “What Palace Lord Chi said is right, Mythical Flame Palace had tried its utmost best to come out with these few pieces of ‘treasures’ and it’s indeed something that even our ordinary direct disciples in Blue Profound Sect don’t take fancy upon! Since that is so, there’s no use for us to keep it so why not just invite a good omen and let’s gift this upon the practitioners who had come forward to send their congratulatory messages today! Whoever manages to grab the gift list will be able to claim the items on top!

Hearing that, those practitioners who had crowded around by the side without a word, while enjoying the good show, instantly broke out in a round of enthusiastic applause!

“Heavens, there’s such a good thing like this happening!”

“Indeed the Number One Sacred Lands, indeed rich and imposing!”

“Why didn’t I think of receiving that gift list earlier, where’s the gift list gone to now??”

“It’s here, it’s here!! The gift list is mine!!”

“Scram, don’t snatch, I saw it first!!”

“It’s obviously mine!!”

Momentarily, the entire scene turned into a state of chaos and many practitioners all started to pounce towards those two pieces of thin red papers as they fought and snatched, entering a state of looting and some of them even started exchanging blows.

Lastly, some of the strong few practitioners managed to grab the gift list but in the midst of the looting, the gift list had already been torn and every one of them only managed to grab a portion of it.

When their good friends saw that, they all crowded around to offer their congratulations as they stretched out their necks, hoping to see what treasures they had managed to grab.