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Chapter 2499: The big day (6)

“You….” Chi Xiao Jiu was choked as he momentarily couldn’t say a single word, stifling until his face turned entirely red.

Ling Qing Yu on the other hand maintained her rationality as she hastily stood out and said, “Guardian Jun, even if the gifts we have given are much lesser, but surely you don’t need to humiliate us like this right? No matter what, I and Palace Lord Chi are old acquaintances with your Sovereign Mu back then!”

“Old acquaintances?” Cang Po Jun’s lips curled slightly, “That’s right too, back then when Grandmaster Huang was still alive, the both of you then got to become acquainted with our Sovereign through her…”

On hearing Huang Yueli’s name, Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu both shivered!

Huang Yueli’s death had always been the most guilty thing that they had done.

But it wasn’t because they were feeling guilty and regretful after finding their consciousness, but because they were afraid that the minute this matter was exposed, they would be pointed out by a lot of people, and perhaps even face Mu Chengying’s reckless insane revenge!

They were anxious to deal Blue Profound Sect a fatal blow, and that was one of the major reasons as well.

Chi Xiao Jiu’s imposing manner instantly weakened, “Isn’t that so? This Seat almost became Sovereign Mu’s brother-in-law! I treat myself as Blue Profound Sect’s own people, so I’m a little more casual in my gift selection. Forget it if you don’t accept it, why act in such a manner?”

When Cang Po Jun heard his censure, he nodded his head and his attitude turned much better instantly.

“Palace Lord Chi, what you said is indeed reasonable. Earlier I was too rash and had added troubles for both, so I’m really apologetic about this…”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s expression then became slightly better.

But before he could even heave a sigh of relief, he heard Cang Po Jun continuing, “Since Palace Lord Chi and Eldest Young Miss Ling are not agreeable, then we need not give away these things on the gift list…”

“What?? You’ve already agreed to it, why the sudden change??”

“That’s why, how can you not keep your word? Trying to take us for a rife?”

The practitioners immediately exploded into a burst of clamour!

Even if the items which were given out were worthless, but since there were advantages to be taken, who would be willing to give it up?

Now everyone had finally managed to snatch the gift list and before they had even received the physical items, they were not suddenly saying that it wouldn’t be gifted! Wasn’t this simply bullying them!

On seeing those practitioners about to start a bustle, Cang Po Jun cleared his throat as he raised his voice, “Everyone, please be assured. The items on the gift list are a part of Mythical Flame Palace and Celestial Heavens Gate’s kindly feelings so we cannot casually give it to anyone else. But Blue Profound Sect will definitely make compensation to those who had managed to grab the gift list, and everything that is on the list, we will exchange using seventh tiered medicinal pills and Profound Armaments!”

On saying that, those upset practitioners were all dazed.

Immediately following that, there was a burst of cheers and applause!

Seventh tiered medicinal pills and Profound Armaments! As compared to fifth tiered and sixth tiered, the value had grown by a hundred times or more!

Instantly all the practitioner’s tones changed, all singing Blue Profound Sect’s praises.

“Guardian Jun is indeed generous, indeed the Number One Sacred Lands!”

“This is called the true blue huge powerhouse, not only did they give the Mythical Flame Palace face, they also safeguard ordinary practitioners like us!”

“Isn’t that so? Look at those people from Mythical Flame Palace and Celestial Heavens Gate, how do they even have the cheek! Bringing out such a gift list like this, and even saying that other people are humiliating them, simply big time shameless!”

When Chi Xiao Jiu heard that, he was so enraged that he almost spat out blood right there!

He stared at Cang Po Jun and his eyes almost spewed fire!

Cang Po Jun’s move was simply too treacherous!

Using a few seventh tiered medicinal pills to bribe so many practitioners!

After those practitioners present left, they would definitely spread the news on how good Blue Profound Sect was, then pushing the blame of tricking those people onto Mythical Flame Palace instead!