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Chapter 2496: The big day (3)

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Chi Xiao Jiu took large strides and quickly walked on.

Seeing Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord personally arriving, the disciples who were on duty at the mountain entrance appeared to be extremely polite.

“So it’s Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord Chi! Quick, welcome in…”

Cang Po Jun personally came out to lead Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu himself, but Chi Xiao Jiu’s complexion was still rather ghastly.

“Today is a big day for Blue Profound Sect to celebrate and there are so many respectable and valuable guests, why haven’t we seen Sovereign Mu out here? I’ve not met him for many years and I do miss him!”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s eyes were sparkling, as he asked in an eccentric manner.

These words of his, sounded as though he missed his old friend but everyone around him could tell that he felt that Mu Chengying had not come out personally to receive him, and that was a sign of downplaying the face of Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord!

Momentarily, the surrounding practitioners all pricked their ears, paying close attention to the situation here.

Although Mu Chengying was the Continent’s Number One Top Expert, but he had not appeared for sixteen to seventeen years. These few years, Mythical Flame Palace’s Xhi Xiao Jiu had been glamourous and whenever the other few Sacred Lands were rustling, it was practically always him who took the lead, and his limelight had almost covered over Mu Chengying!

Now, he even dared to express his dissatisfaction while attending Blue Profound Sect’s wedding banquet…

Everyone wondered how Blue Profound Sect was going to handle this?

Everyone kept their watchful eyes on Cang Po Jun, waiting for his response.

However, Cang Po Jun wasn’t like what the others had imagined, to fly into a rage on the spot. On the contrary, his attitude remained neither servile nor overbearing as he replied in an extremely courteous manner, “Palace Lord Chi is really thoughtful! But our Sovereign had been rather busy with today’s wedding banquet so he really isn’t able to split himself up to come here to receive guests personally. So if we have neglected our distinguished guests, please forgive us if we have not been able to look after all of you properly.”

“Oh… so this is the reason!”

Everyone was then enlightened.

But after a moment later, everyone all started to feel slightly puzzled.

This explanation sounded rather logical and reasonable, but it was totally not Blue Profound Sect’s style!

Usually, even when Mu Chengying had not come out of his closed door seclusion, Blue Profound Sect had always been extremely overbearing and when they met with Chi Xiao Jiu’s kind of provocation, they would absolutely not let it go easily!

But today, at Young Sect Master’s big day, Cang Po Jun not only didn’t do anything to Chi Xiao Jiu, moreover his words even seemed to carry a hint of weakness…..

Ordinary practitioners all felt puzzled, even more so for Chi Xiao Jiu who could tell just from hearing his tone.

His thoughts took a turn and his lips surfaced a cold smile uncontrollably. It seemed that Mu Chengying had really met with a mishap, what Lord Zhan said was totally right! Only this reason would make Blue Profound Sect’s Guardian to lower his tone in such a manner…..

“Forget it, since Sovereign Mu isn’t willing to meet an old friend like us, then we won’t force upon this as well. Anyway during the wedding ceremony, we will still meet eventually! Will Guardian Jun please lead us in! Oh right, this is Mythical Flame Palace and Celestial Heavens Gate’s gift list, will Guardian Jun please have a look.”

Chi Xiao Jiu signalled with his right hand and two disciples behind him took a step forward, presenting the bright red list to Cang Po Jun.

When Cang Po Jun lowered his head to take a look, his brows instantly twitched.

“This gift list…..”

Chi Xiao Jiu gave a humphing laugh, “Just to let Guardian Jun know, there has been too many young practitioners who were admitted into our Mythical Flame Palace in the recent years and the resources are depleted just too fast within the Sect, so our income doesn’t cover the expenditures. Hence we simply couldn’t come out with any presentable gifts at all.”