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Chapter 2495: The big day (2)

Chi Xiao Jiu as the Palace Lord of Mythical Flame Palace, one of the Seven Sacred Lands, blew his own horn based on his own position so he naturally wouldn’t arrive this early like those small forces’ practitioners did.

When he and Ling Qing Yu appeared, it was already evening time and the wedding ceremony was about to start.

When Mythical Flame Palace’s flying ship appeared on top of Blue Profound Sect, it caused a sensation among the practitioners who were nearby.

“Quickly look, that’s Mythical Flame Palace’s Violet Rainbow Express, and it’s rumoured to be a ninth tiered Profound Artifact which is comparable to the Snow Cloud Sky Ship!”

“Indeed Mythical Flame Palace, only that year’s Grandmaster Huang’s Fomalhaut, to be able to own such a powerful flying ship, and as compared to Blue Profound Sect, it’s totally not on the losing end!”

“Quickly look, Palace Lord Chi is out! He’s one of the top exponents with a ranking on the Sky Chart!”

Chi Xiao Jiu just stepped out of the flying ship and immediately heard the neighbouring practitioners giving off rounds of praises and he instantly felt rather content in his heart.

Twenty years ago, when Huang Yueli was still alive, every single time Mythical Flame Palace’s men appeared in public, everyone’s gazes would gather onto his Junior Sister.

The halo on Huang Yueli was simply too dazzling so even if Chi Xiao Jiu was considered as one of the top rated talents in Sky Emperor City, but under the cover of Huang Yueli’s light, he seemed so unremarkable and he couldn’t even attract anyone’s attention at all.

Chi Xiao Jiu’s natural disposition was ambitious and aggressive and on the surface, he seemed as though he cared and loved Huang Yueli, but in actual fact he was itching with hatred, hoping that Huang Yueli could vanish on the spot!

Now that Huang Yueli was finally dead and he had finally become the Palace Lord of Mythical Flame Palace, he could finally enjoy these practitioners’ worship and respect….

However, just as Chi Xiao Jiu was silently being content, another sudden burst of discussion was heard.

“Mythical Flame Palace is one of the Seven Sacred lands and it was once so powerful but now, didn’t the Palace Lord come personally to hurry over and deliver the gift over to Blue Profound Sect?”

“Isn’t that so? I heard that ever since Palace Lord Huang passed away that year, there was no successor and other than Chi Xiao Jiu, there weren’t any top experts who could hold the reign! Their armament refining standard also took a devastating decline! The Violet Rainbow Express was also left behind by Grandmaster Huang back then, and the current Mythical Flame Palace just can’t construct anything out at all!”

“Sigh, what a pity, what a pity…. In comparison, only Blue Profound Sect is forever standing strong! Indeed worthy of being the Number One Sacred Lands! In the past there was Sovereign Mu, such a Number One Top Expert and now Young Sect Master Li has such excellent innate talent, so for the next few hundreds of years, it will probably still be Blue Profound Sect’s time!”

“And also today’s bride Master Bai, I heard that she’s already a seventh ranked Armament Master. Perhaps she might surpass that year’s Grandmaster Huang very soon, to snatch the title of the Number One Armament Master!”

When Chi Xiao Jiu heard that, his brows were twitching and his hand was already in place on the handle of the long sword hanging on his waist!

He was so infuriated that he simply wanted to kill someone!

What was so outstanding about that brat Li Moying, everyone actually felt that this brat was much more incredible than him??

Ling Qing Yu who was standing beside him had already sensed his uncontrollable rage, as she couldn’t help but frown.

“Palace Lord Chi, don’t you forget that we’re here today because we have proper things to handle! Now we haven’t even entered Blue Profound Sect’s mountain entrance, are you already thinking of creating a ruckus?”

Chi Xiao Jiu seemed as though he had awoken from his dream as he gave a cold harrumph and his right hand retracted from the sword handle!

“Nothing, the time’s not early already, let’s hurry on and head in!”

He would just allow these blind scumbags to live a little longer. After Mythical Flame Palace had replaced Blue Profound Sect to become the Number One Sacred Lands, he would absolutely show these fellows some colours!