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Chapter 2494: The big day (1)

“But, since it flew to our turf, then it belongs to me now!” Huang Yueli teased the Black Cloud Dove while smiling from ear to ear, as she attempted to tame it.

Whereas on the other side, Li Moying had already taken a quick look at the secret mail and tossed it casually to Liu Buyan who was beside him.

Liu Buyan took a look and couldn’t help but laugh, “This Chi Xiao Jiu really made such good plans! But thinking of coordinating outside and inside offensives to take down Blue Profound Sect? Why hadn’t he even taken a mirror to see his own reflection, to see how big his face is!”

He looked at Li Moying’s indifferent expression as he was suddenly enlightened, “No wonder you made everyone in Levitation Sword Palace keep this secret, not allowing them to say a single word at all! So, you’re just waiting for this gang of imbeciles to walk right into the trap?”

Li Moying didn’t think much as he smiled, “I’ve probably left Sky Emperor City for too long that’s why someone actually dares to set their designs on Blue Profound Sect. If I don’t teach them a lesson, some people might actually think that I’m a has-been!”

His tone was stable and there was even a slight smile on his face.

But in Liu Buyan’s ears, it made his back surfaced a chilly sensation.

He mourned in silence for those who dared to challenge Li Moying, from the bottom of his heart.

Probably only when those people had hit the iron board would they finally understand just what kind of ferocious beast had they exactly awoken!

Liu Buyan thought over it for a second and continued, “Then…. should we give Chi Xiao Jiu a reply? So that they can set their hearts at ease to prepare for that day’s itinerary?”

“Replying to the letter would be the best course of action, but….” Li Moying’s topic took a turn as he looked towards Huang Yueli’s direction, “But my Li’er seems to have taken a fancy on that dove, so since she likes it, let’s not send that dove away.”

Liu Buyan turned his head around when he heard that.

He found Huang Yueli to be staying by the window sill as she kept teasing the dove, and even attempting to make it sign a contract with her.

Alas, the Black Cloud Dove was an eighth tiered magical beast and it’s ability was much more powerful than Huang Yueli. Moreover it’s character was innately proud and arrogant so it didn’t quite pay any attention to her.

In a fit of pique, Huang Yueli summoned Little Wang Cai from the Sky Phoenix Ring.

When Little Wang Cai appeared, Liu Buyan almost fainted, “This… this is the pet which Junior Sister is rearing? What kind of magical beast is it? A turkey??”

Little Wang Cai had grown by quite a bit and really was a size of a turkey. Moreover it was still extremely fat and when it flapped its wings, it seemed like a meat ball which was floating in the air, looking like a juicy and tender piece of meat…

Even though in the eyes of a human, this phoenix indeed had a little hindrance in terms of appearance, but in the eyes of the Black Cloud Dove, an ancient spiritual beast was so powerful and prestigious, which gave off an aura which it totally could not resist against hence it could only lie on the ground obediently, allowing Huang Yueli to draw the amulet on it.

One month’s time passed in a blink of an eye.

During the day of the wedding, the sky was clear and there wasn’t any cloud within the radius of a thousand miles.

The Number One Sacred Lands’ Young Sect Master’s Big Day, this kind of exultation matter, naturally attracted the entire Sky Emperor City’s practitioners.

No one would miss this chance to fawn upon the Number One Sacred Lands.

Since early morning, various large powerhouses’ practitioners and guests had all arrived at Blue Profound Sect, coming forward with their congratulatory messages.

There were even quite a number of powerhouses from the Four Sky Regions, which had journeyed day and night rushing here immediately after they received news of this day.

Actually, a large majority of them didn’t have the wedding invites in their hands, so they weren’t even able to enter Blue Profound Sect’s mountain entrance.

But even if they were only able to deliver the congratulatory gifts which they had meticulously prepared at the mountain entrance, to many of them, it was already the greatest honour!