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Chapter 2493: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (14)

Ling Qing Yu thought over this and slowly nodded her head, “What you say is not wrong…..”

“Moreover…..” Chi Xiao Jiu’s eyes flashed past an icy glint, “This is a heavenly chance graced upon us the Six Sacred Lands! How can we possibly let this pass?”

From his cold and gloomy voice, Ling Qing Yu suddenly thought of something as he raised his head up, “You’re thinking…. of making a move during the wedding?”

Chi Xiao Jiu swept her a glance, “You’re actually not too stupid! Blue Profound Sect has sent the wedding invite to the Six Sacred Lands, which gave us an opportunity to walk into Blue Profound Sect openly! In the past, we had not been able to enter the Blue Profound Sect freely but this time round, Li Moying is the one who invited us in himself! I really wonder if he has a brain or not, to dare to openly invite so many large powerhouses’ top exponents to attend his wedding!”

“It’s not possible for Mu Chengying to appear and just based on Li Moying and Cang Po Jun and those measly few people, they are totally not our match at all. Moreover we still have Elder Chen and the other few elders who are lying in wait in Blue Profound Sect to work with us from the inside! By then, we will coordinate outside and inside offensives so even if Li Moying has the great talents, it’s just not possible for him to deal with all of us!”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s analysis had already reflected the glow of his absolute determination!

From what he saw, his plan was flawless and absolutely did not have any possibility of failure at all!

Mu Chengying was already dead whereas Li Moying was only twenty two years old, not even reaching ninth stage realm peak so what ability did he have to resist against the Six Sacred Lands?

Ling Qing Yu heard what he said and her heart was filled with extreme astoundment!

Although she had already worked under Lord Zhan for so many years and had tried many times to lay their hands on Blue Profound Sect, but in her heart, there had always been a bias where she felt that Blue Profound Sect had been standing upright for so many years, and it seemed that they were really unable to conquer them at all!

It was until now, hearing Chi Xiao Jiu’s plan, when she just realised….

Following Mu Chengying’s disappearance, the Blue Profound Sect’s glory seemed as though it was really coming to an end…

“Alright, we Celestial Heavens Gate will fully coordinate with Palace Lord Chi’s plans!” Suppressing the strange piercing pain in her heart, Ling Qing Luan nodded her head to make this promise.

Chi Xiao Jiu couldn’t help but laugh out loudly, “That’s simply great! That’s incredibly great! From today onwards, our Mythical Flame Palace will be Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Sacred Lands! As for Blue Profound Sect…. by then, their so called ‘big day’, would probably become their doomsday!”

After some time, his laughter came to a stop and he turned around to summon his guard, “Go invoke the Black Cloud Dove to send letters to Lord Chen and the others. This time round, we must absolutely catch Blue Profound Sect in one go!”

Black Cloud Dove was a kind of seventh tier magical beast and its size was petite where it’s entire body was pitch black and the flying speed was extremely swift. Moreover it flew without any sound and was extremely adept in concealing itself.

In the pitch black night, even ninth stage realm peak top practitioners weren’t able to detect it’s whereabouts and had always been sought by various large powerhouses to transmit their most secretive news.

Mythical Flame Palace had reared one such breed, and it was the king of all the Black Cloud Doves.

Alas, even if for such a swift flying magical beast, the moment it entered Blue Profound Sect, it was captured instantly.

Huang Yueli removed the little bamboo tube casually which was tied onto the Black Cloud Dove’s leg and without looking, she threw it towards Li Moying while she only cared about caressing this entirely black feathered beautiful magical beast, as she stared to appreciate it in detail.

“Tsk tsk, so beautiful, this Black Cloud Dove is in the eighth tier! There’s only one in every few thousand birds! I wonder where Chi Xiao Jiu got this from.”