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Chapter 2492: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (13)

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Ling Qing Yu’s expression on her face became a little twisted.

She clenched her teeth and said, “No need to trouble Palace Lord Chi to worry over this, I know what I’m doing! You don’t need to worry about being dragged down by me!”

Chi Xiao Jiu laughed coldly, “I hope so! But even if you wish to betray Lord Zhan, I’m afraid that you won’t have this chance! Since Lord Zhan already said that Mu Chengying has already died, then he had really died because whatever Lord Zhan tells us, it had never been wrong. Just that we don’t know what Blue Profound Sect is playing at, deliberately mystifying this whole thing?”

Ling Qing Yu’s expression wasn’t too nice.

That year when she colluded with Lord Zhan, to secretly cause Huang Yueli to die, she thought that her chance had come and she would be able to make use of the excuse of missing Huang Yueli to get close to Mu Chengying.

The man had lost the love of his life and his feelings were at its most fragile state so if she were to display her gentle and considerate side at this moment, there was a huge chance that she would be able to take advantage of this situation.

However, what Ling Qing Yu had not expected was that when Mu Chengying returned to Blue Profound Sect, he announced that he was going into closed door cultivation.

This closed door went on for a total of sixteen years!

Several months ago, Blue Profound Sect sent out the news that Mu Chengying had finally come out of his closed door seclusion and had resurfaced in Levitation Sword Palace again.

Ling Qing Yu was silently feeling happy, feeling that she had waited for so many years and she finally had the chance now!

Whoever knew that not too long later, Lord Zhan personally brought the news saying that Mu Chengying had already gone into Qi deviation sixteen years ago and had died. The news that Blue Profound Sect sent out was fake and it was merely used to befuddle the other powerhouses in Sky Emperor City.

Ling Qing Yu knew clearly that Lord Zhan’s words had a ninety percent accuracy but to her, this blow was simply too huge to her. She was still holding on to wishful thoughts, feeling that this time round, perhaps Lord Xhan was wrong, and perhaps Mu Chengying was still alive?

Chi Xiao Jiu looked coldly at Ling Qing Yu, knowing clearly what she was thinking about.

But he wasn’t too worried that Ling Qing Yu would betray them.

After all, Mu Chengying was definitely dead for sure!

Even if he didn’t die, after witnessing those younger generation disciples’ miserable sight in the Blood Moon Great Array, Ling Qing Yu absolutely did not have the guts to go against Lord Zhan at all!

“Enough, stop staying in a daze. What’s the main purpose of your trip to Mythical Flame Palace, what exactly did you want to ask?” Chi Xiao Jiu urged impatiently.

Ling Qing Yu then came round and said, “My father wants me to come ask how Palace Lord Chi intends to handle the matter after receiving the wedding invite? We Six Sacred Lands definitely must advance or retreat together!”

“How to handle it?” Chi Xiao Jiu’s lips curled up coldly, “How else can we handle this? Since they have already sent the wedding invite to our doors, as Sky Emperor City’s first rate influential powerhouse, if we don’t go to send our congratulations, that would definitely not do, right?”

Ling Qing Yu was stunned, “You’re really intending to attend the wedding? What if… this is really Blue Profound Sect’s trap, then what should we do?”

“Trap? Li Moying this brat who still hadn’t ween off his mother, what trap could there possibly be?” Chi Xiao Jiu spoke with disdain, “Since Mu Chengying isn’t around, by then it would be impossible for him to show himself at the wedding and the guests present would all find out that Mu Chengying most probably is in an unfavourable situation otherwise… why wouldn’t he appear at his beloved disciple’s big day? By then, probably Blue Profound Sect’s internal departments would not be convinced by Li Moying this young brat! He would have enough troubles on his own, and definitely would not be able to fend for himself, so where would he find the excess strength to plot against us?”