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Chapter 2490: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (11)

Huang Yueli apparently didn’t quite believe Li Moying’s bluff and she frowned slightly as she looked right into the entrance of the study room.

Just at this moment, the room’s door creaked open.

Liu Buyan appeared at the door of the study room with dishevelled hair, and his clothes were also strained with traces of mud, with some bruises on his face.

“The both of you… can you stop showing off your love in front of me?” He gritted his teeth as he hissed.

His image had verified Li Moying’s words and Huang Yueli was stunned as she was dragged away while Li Moying found a chance to do so.

On the second day, Blue Profound Sect officially distributed a notice, announcing the news that Young Sect Master Li Moying’s marriage with his fiancée Bai Ruoli.

When this news was announced, it seemed as though it had been attached with wings as it was instantly spread throughout every single corner of Sky Emperor City.

These few days, practically every single practitioner was discussing this matter which sensationalized the entire Sky Emperor City!

Practitioners getting married were originally not commonly seen because most practitioners would pursue the peak of cultivation without anything to hold them back, and not get married for the rest of their lives.

Whereas this round, the two who were getting married, were the peerless geniuses in Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Sacred Land!

Li Moying as Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master, his identity was valuable and moreover he had already reached to ninth stage realm seventh level at such a young age, so in future his achievements would absolutely be above Mu Chengying’s!

Whereas the female lead Bai Ruoli wasn’t simple as well. Not only did she have outstanding talent in the art of cultivation pathway, she was also a high ranking Armament Master, and she was also the disciple of Divine Doctor Dai Boqi, as she started to learn pill refining skills! This kind of talented young lady was simply unheard of, which made one unable to imagine!

This pair of newly wed, not only had outstanding talents, what was most rare was that the both of them had extremely outstanding looks as well. Just standing there alone would be able to attract everyone’s attention.

The both of them were an ideal couple and were extremely compatible. Only thing was just how many young men and women’s hearts would be shattered on their wedding day…..

Although ordinary practitioners envied this couple, and also had the self-awareness that their disparity was too far from them, other than being envious, jealous and hatred, there was no other contents which they could talk about.

But to the higher management of the Six Sacred Lands, hearing this means was not just a bolt of lightning on a clear day!

Because the Elders whom they had sent over to Blue Profound Sect, till today were still missing and their plans to control Blue Profound Sect secretly, had no result as well.

The few Sect Masters were originally feeling apprehensive and at this moment, Li Moying’s marriage news came at the same time.

This time round, all of them were all disoriented.

Celestial Heavens Gate totally couldn’t sit still as they sent Ling Qing Yu at the first moment over to Mythical Flame Palace, to find out more news.

“Palace Lord Chi, do you know what’s going on in the Blue Profound Sect? Has Mythical Flame Palace already received Li Moying’s wedding invite as well?” Ling Qing Yu couldn’t wait as she asked the minute she entered the secret room.

Chi Xiao Jiu’s face was gloomy as he replied, “Celestial Heavens Gate has also received it? This Li Moying is really very arrogant and imperious. He obviously knows that we’re finding trouble with him and he actually dares to send his wedding invite to our doors!”

Ling Qing Yu frowned as she replied, “What do you think he means by this? Elder Chen and the rest have already gone to Blue Profound Set for more than a month and some days ago, they even sent a secret transmission to say that they’re preparing to make a move within those few days! Whoever knew that following that, there was no more news? Moreover, how did Li Moying suddenly return back to Blue Profound Sect? Wasn’t he trapped in the Northern Ice Fields by Lord Zhan?? When exactly did he return? Has he discovered our plan?”