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Chapter 2489: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (10)

So the minute Li Moying stepped out of the door, she immediately pounced over.

“Moying, what exactly were you discussing with Senior Brother? Why did you chat for such a long period of time?” Huang Yueli hugged Li Moying’s arm as her little lips pouted, grumbling with dissatisfaction.

When the both of them left the room, the expressions on their faces were a little strange.

So the longer they stayed in the study room, the more uneasy Huang Yueli felt.

But unfortunately, these two love rivals who usually engaged in a state of mutual hostility had really chatted for a long period of time. Huang Yueli waited outside until her tummy rumbled when she finally saw Li Moying’s tall statue walking out from the door.

Li Moying’s lips surfaced a smile as he stretched out his hand to tidy up Huang Yueli’s hair which were messed up by the wind while chuckling softly, “Didn’t I ask you to go back to the bedroom first? Why are you guarding by the door and refusing to go back? Could it be that you can’t bear to be too far apart from me?”

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him, “Who doesn’t bear to be apart from you? It’s because I saw your secretive looks…. Speak, are you doing something bad while hiding it from me?”

Her watery big eyes were opened wide as she used an interrogative gaze, sizing Li Moying up and down, not missing any single change of expression on his face.

However, Li Moying had long been prepared so how would he possibly be seen through by her so easily.

He shook his head as though he was helpless with a smile which was filled with adoration in his eyes while he stretched out his hand to pinch her cheek, “You ah…. Keep saying that I love to be jealous everyday, I think you’re the one who’s petty! I just left you for around two hours and you’re suspecting that I’m doing something bad behind your back! What bad things can I possibly do? Surely it can’t be that I got together with your Senior Brother, right?”

Huang Yueli was stunned before realising the meaning in his words and went speechless, “What rubbish are you sprouting! No way, don’t divert the topic! Quickly tell me clearly, what were the both of you talking about inside earlier! Why must you hide it from me!”

Li Moying touched her little head and said, “There’s really nothing. Your Senior Brother is just worried about you hence he called me over to give me a severe warning! He even said that if I don’t treat you well, he will poison me to death! You tell me, why am I so miserable? There’s so many people at your parental home and everyone is standing up for you. Why is there no one to ask, what if you bully me, what should I do?”

Huang Yueli clicked her tongue as she replied, “Of course everyone loves me! Your skin is so thick and your cultivation is so high, how would I possibly have the ability to bully you! But don’t worry, if Senior Brother really poisons you, aren’t I still around? I will find the antidote for you!”

Li Moying’s brows rose, “Then I’ll have to first thank my wife…..”

Seeing Li Moying leaning over to her side, Huang Yueli instantly stretched out her hand in alert, as she blocked her chest area and pulled some distance apart between the both of them.

“Wait, we’re not done talking yet! The both of you went in for a total of two hours, in the end all you talked about are these?? What else did you talk about?”

Li Moying absent-mindedly replied, “You also know your Senior Brother, self-assuming that he’s the only one who really cares about you hence he can’t stand me in any aspect. It’s really a coincidence that I also can’t stand him so I used my body language to interact with him for a while! It took some time!”

“What?? You even started fighting?? Why didn’t I hear any commotion?” Huang Yueli asked puzzledly.

Li Moying replied, “No, we didn’t fight! Just a friendly interaction! Surely I don’t need to tear Levitation Sword Palace apart right? Alright, Li’er, stop mentioning your Senior Brother in every sentence, if you continue calling him, I’m really going to be jealous…”