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Chapter 2491: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (12)

Chi Xiao Jiu sneered, “It’s already at such a juncture, so what hopeful dreams are you having? Li Moying and the others are already seated in Levitation Sword Palace, so how is it possible that they have yet to discover the traitor in the Sect?”

Ling Qing Yu didn’t agree with what he said as she creased her brows and pondered over this a little while more as she shook her head, “That’s hard to say! Li Moying is after all not Mu Chengying and he’s so young, how could he possibly be so astute and have such deep foresight? If he knew that we were plotting to seize the position of Sovereign, how could he possibly remain so settled. Not only did he not find any trouble with us, he even sent his wedding invite over to invite us to attend his wedding?”

Chi Xiao Jiu also delved into deep thoughts upon hearing that.

“What you say, is not without reason… but why did Elder Chen and the others suddenly disappear without any news?”

Ling Qing Lyu said, “Isn’t this reason very simple? Since Li Moying is already back, they want to send the news out would definitely be a difficult task. The Elders whom we sent this round are all intelligent people so they naturally know that it’s better to conceal their strengths and bide their time, acting in low key fashion which is a much better choice.”

Chi Xiao Jiu slowly nodded his head, “Since you put it in this way, it becomes much more explainable but not knowing why, I just have a bad premonition inside my heart…. perhaps it’s because Li Moying’s return is really too swift! Moreover this time round Lord Zhan actually hadn’t given us any warning signs! Honestly speaking, when we received the wedding invite, This Seat really had a huge shock!”

Hearing that, Ling Qing Yu was also extremely puzzled, “Speaking of this, it’s really strange! Lord Zhan has not contacted us for several months now and this is the first time in so many years! Could he be tangled up by some other matters?:

“Lord Zhan’s matters are something that we cannot afford to guess, but I somehow feel that Li Moying’s wedding definitely has a problem! He’s just twenty two this year right? And he’s actually getting married?? Which ninth stage realm practitioner gets married at such a young age??”

Ling Qing Yu’s face was grave, as she didn’t make a sound.

Chi Xiao Jiu took a look at her and slowed down his tone, “There’s another point, which I find it strange…..”

“What else?” Ling Qing Yu asked curiously, “What else could there be?”

“On the top of the wedding invite that Blue Profound Sect sent, the inscribed name is not Li Moying, but Mu Chengying himself! This wedding invite was sent out by Mu Chengying personally, inviting us to attend his beloved disciple’s wedding ceremony. But hadn’t Lord Zhan mentioned with confidence before this, that Mu Chengying had already died?”

“What did you say??” Ling Qing Yu shook as she was so agitated that she stood up from her seat, “You mean to say… Mu Chengying is not dead??”

Chi Xiao Jiu looked at her agitated look as a cold sneer or ridicule appeared on his face, “What’s the matter? Look at how excited you are! Mu Chengying isn’t dead then our trouble would be major, yet you’re this happy? Surely you don’t really think that Mu Chengying is still alive and you will have a chance right? Don’t you forget, his beloved woman was pushed personally by you into the fire…”

Ling Qing Yu’s face instantly turned frosty, “That’s my own matter and it seems to have nothing to do with Palace Lord Chi right?”

“It’s related to me….” Chi Xiao Jiu laughed coldly, “I only want to remind you that no matter if Mu Chengying is alive or dead, there’s no way that you can take the return path! If Lord Zhan were to know that you betrayed him… you should know what consequence you will have to bear! All of us, will also be dragged down by you!”