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Chapter 2488: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (9)

Liu Buyan shook his head, “How could I possibly tell Junior Sister about such a thing?”

Li Moying nodded his head, “Since this is so, then please help me to continue hiding this secret, and not reveal a single word to Li’er!”

Right now, he had completely calmed down.

The contents revealed on the remnant pages of the <>, although had indeed left him extremely shocked, and he felt that it was difficult to accept it but at least it was much better than finding out that he had only one month to live.

At least, the problem now was not related to his life.

The worse scenario was merely that his cultivation would never be able to recover…..

Li Moying kept on thinking about this in his mind, and at the same time he held up those few remnant pages in his hands, “Leave these with me first, I don’t hope that Li’er would have a chance to get them…..”

Liu Buyan’s expression became even more astute when he heard that and stretched out his hand to stop him, “Moying, what are you planning to do from here? Give me a confirmed answer! Your wedding… are you still going to continue with it?”

Li Moying took a look at him with a composed expression, “Continue, of course it has to be carried on!”

“You…..” Liu Buyan’s expression changed, as he almost couldn’t stop himself from landing his fist on his face!

“Haven’t you read clearly earlier? You!!! There’s a possibility that you will harm Junior Sister’s life! Could it be that you are not intending to care about Junior Sister just to take the chance to resume your former ability? I’ve never expected that you’re actually such a selfish person! If you really dare to do this, I will absolutely not let you off!”

Li Moying took a step back slightly as he put on a slight frown, “Don’t be so agitated… I know what you’re thinking, relax, how would I possibly do something to hurt Li’er? But you don’t wish for Li’er to self-blame herself and become upset after she finds out the truth, right? Otherwise you’d have passed these few remnant pages over to her earlier, isn’t that so? So in order for her to not become suspicious, I must continue with the original plan to get married!”

Liu Buyan’s face was filled with distrust as he stared at him tightly.

“What you’re saying… is it all the truth? You’re not intentionally lying to me, so it doesn’t mean what you say right?”

Li Moying swept a glance at him as he spoke out calmly, “Don’t you find yourself ridiculous for asking all these? Now… you can only choose to trust me, isn’t that so?”

Liu Buyan’s body trembled, as his expression became even paler.

At this moment, he really doubted his own decision to hand over the few remnant pages of the <>. Did he do the right thing?

Li Moying looked at him and shook his head slightly, “I know you’re concerned about Li’er hence you doubted me in this way…. but I can swear to Heaven that I would rather fall into eternal hell and will absolutely not hurt Li’er at all! Everything I’ve done in the past, doesn’t it verify this point??”

Liu Buyan continued to look straight at him, “That’s different. Even if you’re willing to fork out your life for Junior Sister, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re willing to fork out other things…. you should know my meaning clearly.”

Li Moying replied, “Up to you to believe or not, time will eventually prove everything.”

Right now, his expression had already resumed back to normal, as though the despondent man who had just read those few remnant pages of the < had never existed previously.

Li Moying finished his words and tied up his clothes as he spoke out, “If there’s no other matters, I’ll make a move first. Li’er is still waiting for me to return and I don’t wish for her to be waiting anxiously.”

Liu Buyan took a deep sigh as he sent him out with his eyes.

Huang Yueli had not returned to her bedroom at all, but had been waiting at the door instead.