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Chapter 2486: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (7)

In order to prevent Li Moying from saying more embarrassing things, Huang Yueli could only hasten her speed.

She walked towards Cang Po Yu’s bed and swiftly checked on his state as she inquired a little on Cang Po Yu’s condition.

Unfortunately, after Liu Buyan suffered such a heavy blow, he was totally despondent as his thoughts wandered and he answered perfunctorily.

Huang Yueli sighed silently as she was slightly worried about Cang Po Yu’s condition… her Senior Brother looked really unreliable!

Maybe later she should get someone over to invite her Master to have a look!

She was pondering over this in her heart as she hastily pulled Li Moying and turned around as she prepared to leave.

Suddenly, just as she and Li Moying turned around, Liu Buyan suddenly awoke from his daze as he cried out urgently.

“Right, Moying! I have something very important to tell you… if you’re convenient, go with me to next door’s study to have a short chat.”

Their footsteps took a pause.

Huang Yueli turned her head around as her eyes blinked with curiosity, “Senior Brother, what matter do you have?”

Liu Buyan nodded his head and replied, “There is something…”

Huang Yueli found it a little strange because Liu Buyan was innately unconstrained and there were very rare times when he was this strict and solemn, and that made her feel that things didn’t seem quite right.

“Since that’s so, then let’s head over next door now!”

As Huang Yueli said that, she pulled Li Moying along as she headed over.

But she was called upon by Liu Buyan once again, “Junior Sister, wait…. This matter, I wish to speak to Moying alone! You’re a girl and it’s not suitable for you to hear all these, so… ughh, can I trouble you to lend me your fiancé for a moment? We just need ten minutes and that will do!”

Huang Yueli’s puzzlement became even stronger when she heard that, “What do you mean? Is there something that I cannot hear? There are no secrets between Moying and I! Right?”

She turned around and took a look at Li Moying.

Whoever knew that Li Moying actually nodded his head instantly, “Alright, then we’ll listen to you.” He lowered his head and gave Huang Yueli a warm smile, “Li’er, head back first and I’ll come over to have dinner with you later.”

Huang Yueli was stunned as she took a suspicious look at him and Liu Buyan, feeling rather ill at ease in her heart.

“…. Alright then, but don’t you two even think about hiding something from me and do some stuff, otherwise… hng hng, you know what I mean!”

After Huang Yueli left, the two men walked into the study room next door.

When the door shut, Li Moying’s expression instantly sank as he had already faintly guessed what Liu Buyan was going to say.

Between him and Huang Yueli, the only thing that he couldn’t come clean about, was related to his illness.

As expected, the two of them had just stood still as Liu Buyan opened his mouth, “I had not expected that you’d be getting married to Junior Sister so quickly…. So there’s one thing that I haven’t been able to tell you in time.”

“What’s the thing?” Li Moying already had a bad premonition.

Liu Buyan apparently was rather hesitant, “This…. previously I haven’t decided if I should tell you or not but now that things have come to this pass, I’m afraid that it’s not up to me to continue delaying this. I also don’t know if telling you this is right or not…..”

The more Li Moying heard, the stranger he felt and suddenly an intense uneasiness gushed up in his heart which made him lose his patience completely.

“What exactly is it about? Just tell me directly! A man should speak outright, why bother to hem and haw like this?”