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Chapter 2485: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (6)

Liu Buyan, on the other hand, had not left and when he saw Li Moying and Huang Yueli walking over together, his face revealed hints of ridicule as he looked at Li Moying, “Not easy eh, you’re actually willing to let my Junior Sister come over? I thought that a vinejar urn like you would directly assign Guardian Yu to the border!”

When Li Moying heard that, he swept a neither cold nor warm gaze onto him as his footsteps took a halt and he suddenly laughed.

“Why should I be jealous? I am Li’er’s husband! No matter how much other people like her, they can only keep this inside their hearts.”

“Husband?” Liu Buyan gave a harrumph, “You’re still not after all, so don’t be so complacent that early!”

However, Li Moying’s smile on his face didn’t decrease, “Not early, not early, we are going to get married very soon and if I still don’t assume the position of her husband, Father-in-law will be angry! Right, I forgot to tell you, I and Li’er’s wedding date has already been set, and it’s on next month’s twentieth!”

Liu Buyan instantly couldn’t continue with his smile as the expression on his face also turned relatively stiff.

“You…. what did you say? Your wedding date has already been set?? So soon??”

Li Moying saw his despondent look and his heart felt extremely delighted as his smile became even more radiant.

“Soon? Not soon, right? I’ve been with Li’er for such a long time and we’ve been engaged for more than two years so it’s considered late to get married now! But at least I am able to marry the girl who I like, so waiting for such a long time is all worth it!”

Saying that, he intentionally suppressed his voice, “Buyan ah, in the past we were best buddies and you’re Li’er’s Senior Brother so after we finished the discussion with Father-in-law, the first person whom we informed is you, not even having any time to prepare the wedding invitations! We’ll pass it over to you later on, so please don’t mind!”

The more he said, the more delighted he got and the more Liu Buyan’s expression turned uglier by the second.

Huang Yueli was getting more and more speechless upon hearing that….

It really was enough! How did this man become so childish??

She stretched out her hand and made a grab for him, “Enough, stop talking already! Isn’t it just getting married? Is it worth it for you to be so complacent?”

Li Moying drew her into his arms along with the flow as he smiled with satisfied aspiration, “Of course I am complacent, why can’t I be? We’re only married this once in both lifetimes, so of course it’s the number one big thing! How can you say that it’s a small matter?”

Huang Yueli patted his arm with force, “Alright, alright, alright, it’s a big thing, big thing! Let go of me first!”

Li Moying gave a harrumph as he started to act shamelessly, “Not letting go! Earlier your tone was just too terrible, totally not putting any emphasis onto our wedding! Looks like this fiancé of yours had not done a good performance so we must be more intimate in future!”

Huang Yueli was completely defeated by him as she couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him, “You… Can you stop being so childish! We are here to see Guardian Yu, and the patient is still here, can you be a little more solemn!”

“I just can’t be solemn!” Li Moying had a face filled with a smile as he simply couldn’t stop himself.

When those female serving attendants who had been entering the room to serve them saw this, they all revealed a badly shocked expression.

This was simply too horrifying, their wise and brilliant Sovereign had always been cold with no emotions, always standing at the top so who was this man who smiled like a fool?? Could it be that this was a retard who looked exactly the same like their Sovereign?

Huang Yueli was pinpointed by that pair of glistening and dazzling peach blossom eyes as her face uncontrollably blushed with a shade of red.