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Chapter 2487: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (8)

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Hearing Li Moying saying that, Liu Buyan didn’t drag it any longer.


He took a deep breath and said, “Alright then I’ll speak directly! Twenty over years ago, I had unintentionally once auctioned a few remnant pages of the < in Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s auction once…”


On hearing the three words “Drifting Cloud Scroll”, Li Moying instantly became anxious as he questioned closely, “What’s going on? You have a few remnant pages of the <>? How come I’ve never heard of you mentioning this before??


No wonder Li Moying felt so discomposed!


Because this ancient manual revealed simply too many secrets!


Just because Lord Zhan had a complete set of <> in his hands, Huang Yueli and his secrets were exposed one after another which led them to fall into his trap, almost losing their lives!


So this ancient manual, in Li Moying’s eyes, was the most evil book in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent!


As long as it was related to the <>, things would definitely not turn out right!


Liu Buyan said, “Haven’t I said so already? These few remnant pages are something that I chanced upon unintentionally! Moreover I totally didn’t bother about these few remnants and broken pieces of paper at all so I’ve never really taken a careful look at it. It was Lord Zhan who mentioned the <> the last time hence I specially dug out these to research on it again. In the end, it made me find out a huge secret!”


“What secret?” Li Moying frowned.


Liu Buyan took a look at him as he dug out a few yellow and faded pieces of paper, but considered rather well-preserved pages.


His slender long beautiful fingers held onto these pieces of paper as his actions took a pause, seemingly starting to hesitate once again.


When Li Moying saw that, he simply couldn’t continue waiting as he struck out directly, and picked out those few remnant pages from Liu Buyan’s fingers.


“Hey? Wait, how can you snatch it??” Liu Buyan frowned as he wanted to snatch it back.


However, Li Moying had already moved back swiftly by ten over steps and hid in one corner as he raised the remnant pages in his hands, reading ten sentences in one glance.


He had just taken a look when his body started shaking vigorously!


Following that, he put those few pieces of paper in front of him, holding it tightly in his hands, as he took a careful look over and over again.


The more Li Moying looked, the more astounded he was as his brows creased together tightly while muttering, “How is this possible? Why is it like this??”


Liu Buyan originally couldn’t decide but now that Li Moying had already seen the contents in these few remnant pages, he no longer needed to make a decision.


He sighed silently as his heart felt extremely apprehensive, while staring at Li Moying.


When Li Moying lifted his head once again, his complexion had turned extremely pale.


“You… are these real? These few remnant pages… is it something that you found intentionally to trick me?”


Liu Buyan shook his head, “I wished that these are really something that I’ve spun to cheat you…. even if I wanted to trick you, I won’t go and trick Junior Sister! Although I’m unresigned, but Junior Sister likes you so how can I possibly come in between you two at this moment? I don’t want to make Junior Sister upset…”


When Li Moying heard that, he also started to turn silent.


Actually, he himself knew how dumb that question he asked earlier was!


But he received a huge blow earlier so his heart eventually had a wishful thinking, somehow feeling that this wasn’t possibly true!


But now that he had started to calm down, his thoughts took a turn and things were exactly as what Liu Buyan said.


Liu Buyan no longer had the need to deceive him…


Li Moying waved the paper in his hand and asked, “Li’er doesn’t know about this matter, right?”