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Chapter 2484: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (5)

Huang Yueli also revealed an enlightened look and added on, “Indeed, what my father said is correct! Lord Zhan had already coveted the Blue Profound Sect for a very long time and this time round, he finally couldn’t endure it any longer!”

Li Moying turned his head as his brows raised and questioned, “Father-in-law? What did he tell you?”

Huang Yueli told him about what Bai Liufeng said earlier, that Lord Zhan had colluded with the Six Sacred Lands and using medicinal pills to bribe various large Sect’s Elders, cheating those younger talented disciples to the Blood Moon Great Array, as she reiterated the entire story again.

Li Moying listened to her narrating the story and his expression turned graver by the minute.

Cang Po Jun couldn’t help but cry out, “This bunch of so-called Elders, usually all look so sanctimonious but I cannot imagine that they actually did such utterly heartless things out! Simply intolerable behaviour!”

Li Moying spoke with a gloomy expression on his face, “Anyway, it was lucky that we managed to return back in time and the younger disciples in the Sect have all escaped this calamity! We should all learn a lesson from this and take this chance to clear out all the traitors like Wei Zongguang, with this kind of disloyal heart, absolutely not letting a single one of them off!”

Cang Po Jun hastily responded, “Yes, This Subordinate will try my utmost best to atone for my crimes, please don’t worry!”

Li Moying nodded his head and said, “This matter doesn’t require you to worry about it, I’ve already passed this to Po Hun to manage this! Today there’s another matter that I’ve come to you!”

Cang Po Jun was stunned, as he didn’t expect Li Moying to say such a thing.

From what he thought, quickly clearing the traitors in the Sect was the most important matter, but was there actually something else which was even more important?

He hurriedly replied, “Will Sovereign please instruct, This Subordinate will do my utmost best to atone for my crimes by meritorious acts!”

Huang Yueli blinked as she couldn’t help but laughed, “Guardian Jun, you really don’t need to be so anxious. Moying really doesn’t have any intention to blame you… it’s like this, we’d like to tell you a piece of good news, Moying and I will be officially holding our wedding next month!”

Cang Po Jun’s eyes grew wide with astonishment, as he couldn’t recollect his senses for more than half a day.

When he left Northern Ice Fields, Bai Liufeng was still showing Li Moying a face filled with disdain, being totally dissatisfied with whatever he saw on him, so it seemed that if his Sovereign wanted to marry his wife, he would probably need to experience a few more years of hard work and effort.

Whoever knew that it had just been two months and the two of them were actually going to be married?

“Congratulations Sovereign, congratulations Grandmaster Huang!”

He looked towards Li Moying with undisguised admiration. He was indeed Sovereign, he could even handle such a tricky and difficult father-in-law like Bai Liufeng!

Li Moying’s face showed a pleased expression as his big day was nearing so he totally couldn’t hold his usual cool and harsh look, and whoever he saw was much more pleasing to the eye by several times! Even if it was that scum, Wei Zongguang, he wasn’t able to affect his good mood.

“Po Jun, this time Po Yu had suffered a serious injury and Po Jun had asked to personally investigate Wei Zongguang’s matter, so you’re the only one left who doesn’t have much to do so you’ll be responsible for preparing for the wedding.”

Cang Po Jun was stunned, “But This Subordinate, ughh… don’t know all these things…..”

Li Moying replied, “No matter what, you just need to coordinate with Marquis Bai, and listen to his instructions. That would do.”

Cang Po Jun hurriedly expressed that he would handle this joyous occasion well.

Li Moying then nodded his head satisfactorily, as he gave more instructions before leading Huang Yueli away.

On their way to the room, Li Moying simply could not out-talk Huang Yueli so he could only accompany her to see Cang Po Yu.

Luckily, Cang Po Yu was still in an unconscious state and had not awoken so even if Li Moying had a stomach full of vinegar, there was no way he could release it at all.