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Chapter 2481: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (2)

Hearing that, Li Moying no longer maintained his usual aloofness and calmness.

Although Bai Liufeng’s attitude was a little cold, but he didn’t object to his suggestion earlier and that meant to say that he had already agreed to himself and Li’er getting married next month!

This was something that he had wished for in his two lifetimes, and finally hoping for this end result!

He was so excited that he nearly jumped up as he quickly replied, “Many thanks to Father-in-law for agreeing!”

Bai Liufeng swept a glance at him as he spoke in an indifferent tone, “Since the marriage date is already decided, then let’s discuss how much of a betrothal gift you are giving!”

Li Moying was honestly stunned, “….. betrothal gift?”

Hearing his hesitant tone, Bai Liufeng was instantly angered, “Why? You wish to marry my daughter, but you’re not intending to give any betrothal gift?? You’re the Young Sect Master of the Number One Sacred Lands, you can’t even come out with the betrothal gift, and you wish to marry a wife??”

Li Moying replied with a slightly embarrassed tone, “Father-in-law, what you’re saying is right, this… betrothal gift should be given, but…..”

“But what??” On hearing him still trying to debate, Bai Liufeng’s anger just arose out of nowhere!

Initially when he heard about the two lifetimes fate between Li Moying and Huang Yueli, he was originally a little touched, feeling that Li Moying would definitely be very good to Lass Li.

In the end, whoever knew that when they were really about to hold the wedding, when he was to come out with the gold and silvers, this stinky brat actually hesitated??

Could it be that the deep sentiments performance previously, were all to deceive Lass Li??

On seeing Bai Liufeng about to fly into a rage, Huang Yueli hurriedly butted in, “Father, don’t speak recklessly, Moying he’s not petty! It’s because all his fortunes had already been placed under my control and he has no money on his hands at all, so it’s no use even if you force him….”

This time, it was Bai Liufeng’s turn to be stunned, “What? The money is in your hands? Don’t be deceived by him! Do you know that based on his identity and ability, how much fortune should he have? Not to mention casually giving you some gold, silver or jewellery and that means it’s all his fortune. What’s most valuable are those high levelled cultivation methods, Profound Armaments, medicinal pills, rare treasures and whatever priceless yet off-market treasures in his hands!”

Huang Yueli beamed at him as she replied, “Father don’t worry, I know clearly what is worth a fortune and what is not, so I will definitely not be on the losing end! Moreover, Moying is actually not as rich as I am!”

When Bai Liufeng heard that, he was suddenly enlightened.

The young lass in front of his eyes was not an ordinary young lady, she was the Number One Armament Master in Soaring Heavens Continent in her past life! God knows how much treasures had she seen before!

Back then, Huang Yueli was termed as Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Profiteer so how could she possibly be muddled by anyone so easily?

Bai Liufeng then eased his heart as he nodded, “It’s good that you know inside your heart…..”

In a second, his gaze towards Li Moying turned slightly complicated.

A man of this status like Li Moying, yet he was willing to hand over his entire fortune to Lass Li, that went to prove that he had seen her as his most intimate partner since long ago….

It looked like, as her father, no matter if he agreed or he didn’t, he actually wasn’t able to stop them from being together at all.

Huang Yueli smiled as she said, “But Father’s words had indeed reminded me. Blue Profound Sect is after all the Continent’s Number One Sacred Lands and Young Sect Master is getting married so those betrothal gifts absolutely cannot be any lesser, otherwise it will just be too terrible looking on the day! I will think of ways to handle this! Father, Moying and I have never handled such matters after all, and we don’t know the rules so can you help me think about what we need to look out for?”