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Chapter 2482: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (3)

When Bai Liufeng heard what she asked, a smile popped out on his face.

“Don’t worry about this, other things Father doesn’t dare to say, but about marriages, Father was someone who had personally held a few sessions for others when I was in South Yue Kingdom back then, and have more experience than the both of you. Since you’re both born in South Yue Kingdom, then this wedding will of course have to be held according to South Yue Kingdom’s rules. With Father around to take a look for you two, it will definitely be done magnificently!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up as she said happily, “Indeed, Father is the best! Then I will have to depend on Father for help!”

Li Moying sat by the side, as he didn’t speak a word, putting on an amiable look, listening to his Father-in-law and his fiancée making decisions.

Seeing Huang Yueli’s excited look, he couldn’t help but smile as well.

This little fox was most afraid of troublesome matters and a wedding was so troublesome, how would she have the patience to personally handle this?

Now that Bai Liufeng had offered to help out, this lass was indeed excited, as she was able to pass the pot over in a second!

She was really so black-bellied, so crafty, so…. likable!

Huang Yueli was just discussing something with Bai Liufeng as she slanted her head and looked at him, “Moying, what views do you have?”

Li Moying shook his head as he smiled, “I have no views, I’ll listen to Father-in-law and I will try my best to satisfy all your requests!”

Huang Yueli giggled, “You’re so smart!”

An astute and crafty pair of husband and wife, then threw this entire matter to Bai Liufeng.

But the both of them still had many other things to handle, so even if the wedding was passed over to Bai Liufeng’s control, they didn’t represent that they could relax and stay carefree.

After the both of them left Bai Liufeng’s courtyard, Huang Yueli then told Li Moying that she had already informed Bai Liufeng about the matters related to their past lives.

Li Moying was then enlightened, “So it’s like this! No wonder your father’s attitude towards me had changed quite a bit…. But later on he seemed as though he didn’t want to see me again? Why?”

Huang Yueli swept a glance at him, as she spoke out chillingly, “It’s probably… because he felt that you’re a little too shameless!”

Li Moying, “…”

Huang Yueli looked at his stiff handsome face as though he was rather unhappy over it as she couldn’t helped but burst out into laughter.

She leaned over and tipped her toes, then swiftly gave him a peck as she smiled, “I just like your shamelessness!”

Li Moying was stunned as he instantly retracted his arms, wanting to hold the little fox into his arms tightly. Such a light peck, how was it able to satisfy him?

However, Huang Yueli had already guarded against him as she turned like a fluttering butterfly, as she flew out of his arms.

“What are you trying to do? Haven’t you personally promised my father earlier that before the big day, you will absolutely not do anything to me, how can you forget about this so quickly!” She delightfully stuck out her tongue at Li Moying, “Alright, quick, the day is turning dark soon. We still have to drop by to take a look at Guardian Jun!”

Li Moying looked at her fleeting back as he helplessly shook his head.

This lass… she was simply playing with fire!

The both of them first went to visit Guardian Jun.

Cang Po Jun’s face was pale and he looked extremely frail. Although he had already changed into another set of clothes, but they were still able to faintly see the scars on his hands and face so it showed that when he was captured, he must have had it tough.

Seeing Li Moying and Huang Yueli walking in together, he immediately got down from bed as he was about to pay his respects.

“Sovereign, This Subordinate wasn’t able to complete the task which you had entrusted, and almost got caught which allowed those villains to succeed thereby causing such huge trouble… This Subordinate deserves a thousand deaths!”