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Chapter 2480: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (1)

Li Moying immersed in the sweet young lady’s breath when he was suddenly kicked, before realising that Bai Liufeng’s tone was already extremely unfriendly.

He let Huang Yueli go as he backed off a little, and immediately following that, he was pushed away by the young lady in his arms.

“You… get further away from me!” Huang Yueli wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, as she said with disdain.

Li Moying was calm and unruffled as his lips curled upwards, “Anyway you’ve already said that you’re going to marry me earlier, so you’re not allowed to go back on your words!”

Huang Yueli stared hard at him, “I’m going to go back on it, why?” Not even married and he’s already so fierce to her, if they really got married, would this man change into another person and not pamper her so much anymore right! In the past she heard before that there were plenty of men who acted in one manner before marriage and another after marriage!

Li Moying gave a cold laugh as his gaze landed on her lips once again.

The meaning in his threat was exhibited in his feelings rather than his speech.

Huang Yueli subconsciously lifted her hand to cover her mouth as she looked at him alertly.

“Cough cough, Young Sect Master Li! Are you serious in coming to discuss marriage or not? Bullying Lass Li in front of me, you acting in this manner, I really suspect how much sincerity you have! I will not marry Lass Li to a man who does not respect her!” Bai Liufeng couldn’t take it any longer as his expression sank.

Li Moying regained his senses and upon turning his head, he realised that his father-in-law’s face had already turned black.

He hurriedly explained, “Father-in-law, you’re mistaken. I’m totally true towards Li’er and it was because I was too happy hence I lost my control over my feelings… don’t worry, before our big day, I will not offend her again.”

Bai Liufeng gave a cold harrumph, “Is that so? But I hope that you are really able to do it! A Young Sect Master of the Number One Sacred Lands, if you acted like a rapist who has no skin and face, that would just be too terrible!”

Hearing Bai Liufeng’s words, Huang Yueli was a little startled as she looked over in shock.

Didn’t her father say he admired Mu Chengying? Earlier when this man walked through the doors, her father was rather courteous towards him! Why was it that he had turned as cold as ice water now?

How would Huang Yueli ever know that in a father’s eyes who had a problem of daughter control, when his own daughter was about to become someone else’s, this tragedy was enough to suppress all his other emotions!

Whatever party he admired when he was young, since it had already turned into a stinky brat fighting for his daughter with him, then that person would become a party whom he was resolute to strike down!

Whereas when Li Moying heard this, he felt that his father-in-law had finally turned into a normal person….

Earlier his amiable manner towards him really made his goosebumps stand up…..

Surely it wasn’t that he had been abused daily hence it had become a habit right….

Li Moying hurriedly said, “Father-in-law please don’t worry, since I can say this, then I will naturally do it! Anyway there’s still a month plus more to the twentieth of next month, so I still have this bit of patience!”

Patience! What patience?? After a month plus later, my little cabbage would become yours??

No matter how sincere Li Moying put it, but the more Bai Liufeng heard, the more melancholic he got and the sadder he became…..

He really wanted to say that he didn’t agree to Huang Yueli getting married so early, and she was to stay at home for a hundred years more!

But he was just about to say that when he suddenly recalled the matter that he was about to do….

Forget it, forget it, no matter how unwilling, his daughter would eventually have to marry.

At least, while he was still alive, he would be able to witness Lass Li getting married. Consider it that Heavens had not treated him too badly….

Bai Liufeng sighed, “I’ll believe in you – for now!”