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Chapter 2473: Li Moying’s change of fortune (2)

She paused and suddenly thought of something as she said, “Wait, Lord Zhan only managed to control the Five Sacred Lands? But back then I personally saw that in the Blood Moon Great Array, other than Blue Profound Sect’s, the number of disciples from the other Six Sacred Lands who had been harmed are not any lesser… Father have you said it wrongly?”

Bai Liufeng shook his head, “You didn’t listen to me carefully, Father said it was twenty years ago! Back then, Lord Zhan had already gained control of the Five Sacred Lands but Mythical Flame Palace and Blue Profound Sect were something which he wasn’t able to gain control of because Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign Mu and the little Palace Lord Huang Yueli from Mythical Flame Palace simply had too powerful abilities and their controls over their Sects were simply too strong so even if it was Lord Zhan, he didn’t dared to directly do anything beneath their eyelids…”

Hearing about this, Huang Yueli’s face revealed an astonished look as she totally had not thought that Bai Liufeng would actually mention Li Moying and her past lives.

But now thinking back, back then when she was in Mythical Flame Palace, she had indeed caught a number of traitors on and off, as though someone seemed to be plotting something behind her back.

But she only had her mind on restoring the Sky Phoenix Ring and most of her thoughts were placed on cultivating and armament refining hence after she punished the culprits, she didn’t bother to continue investigating.

She had not expected that even these matters had Lord Zhan’s shadow!

Bai Liufeng didn’t noticed her astonished expression as he continued speaking, “But later on, Lord Zhan seemed to have used some kind of way to convince Huang Yueli’s Senior Brother Chi Xiao Jiu and with his coordination, they managed to force Huang Yueli to self-explode in the Northern Ice Fields. From then on, Chi Xiao Jiu became Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord and the Sixth Sacred Land had fallen into Lord Zhan’s clutches, turning into his puppet!”

The more Huang Yueli heard, the more alarmed her heart was.

This Lord Zhan’s methods were simply unimaginable!

Such huge Sects and so many powerhouses with tens of thousands years of inheritances were all played within his palms!

These Sect’s Elders who had cultivated for several hundreds, thousands of years had experienced so much but in front of Lord Zhan’s underhanded methods, they were all defeated.

What ability did Lord Zhan have? Why was he able to make them submit to him?

Huang Yueli pondered over this in her heart and her lips also asked the same question.

Bai Liufeng replied, “This isn’t hard to guess. In Snow Phoenix Palace, there seemed to be some sort of ancient Sacred Phoenix Race’s exclusive prescription which is able to raise the practitioner’s cultivation and potential, and there were even some pills which could forcefully lengthen the practitioners’ longevity. Haven’t you mentioned this earlier, that the Hall Master who dared to rebel against the top also used some kind of medicinal pill and later not only did his injuries all recover, moreover his ability increased dramatically? Have you ever seen this medicinal pill anywhere else? Should be no right? This medicinal pill is refined based on Snow Phoenix Palace’s prescription!”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose in shock, “I’ve not expected that Lord Zhan actually has this ability, to even be able to refine such a medicinal pill? Even my Senior Brother doesn’t have this kind of ability!”

Bai Liufeng shook his head, “It isn’t that Lord Zhan’s pill refining standard is too high, but… these medicinal pills have such a miraculous effect, because the main ingredient used in it is the blood essence from those practitioners in the Blood Moon Great Array!”

Huang Yueli then understood what was going on as her face stiffened, “This person… indeed is sick in the mind! These large Sect’s Elders who are helming the fort, do they know or not if the medicinal pills they took are refined using the blood essence from their disciples from their wing! If they knew, how are they still able to swallow it down??”

Bai Liufeng shook his head, “This I don’t know…..”