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Chapter 2474: Li Moying’s change of fortune (3)

Although he said that, hearing what Bai Liufeng said, Huang Yueli’s heart had already understood the scenario by ninety percent.

Although she had no evidence, but the miraculous effect of this medicinal pill definitely required some special and rare medicinal herbs before it could be refined, and this point was something that no one would not know about.

Huang Yueli didn’t believe that when these Elders who helmed the fort took these medicinal pills, they had not ever considered how these medicines were refined!

But they were merely pretending to act blur!

Huang Yeuli said in a cold voice, “I’ve long been seeing these fellows who look like humans but are actually dogs unpleasant to the eye! There will be a day when I throw them into the Blood Moon Spell, to let them have a taste of the torture of what those innocent disciples had!”

Bai Liufeng stared at her for a moment and sighed, “Lass Li, your character.. is really alike to your mother when she was young. But the Six Sacred Lands aren’t easy to deal with and even if you have the Blue Profound Sect behind you, you ought to be more prudent!”

Huang Yueli knew that Bai Liufeng was concerned about her hence she obediently nodded her head, “I know, Father!”

Bai Liufeng spoke out again, “Speaking of this, Blue Profound Sect had not been invaded by Lord Zhan’s forces, this kind of control is simply not something to be taken lightly of! Sovereign Mu had gone into closed door cultivation for so many years but his prestige is still existent. This is something that simply makes one unable but to admire him for!”

Speaking of this, he suddenly paused for a moment as he asked in a surprised tone, “Right, Lass Li, the last time when I returned to South Yue Kingdom to search for you, I happened to pass by Sky Emperor City and I heard them mentioned that Sovereign Mu has already came out of his closed door? Is that true? In this way, will he be able to attend you and Li Moying’s wedding? Father had always admired Sovereign Mu since young and I wonder if I have the chance to pay a visit to him?”

“Ughh, about this…..” Huang Yueli was stunned as she didn’t expect him to mention this the minute he entered Levitation Sword Palace, and she didn’t know how to reply him for now.

Bai Liufeng saw her hesitation as his brows creased involuntarily, “Lass Li, what’s going on? Could it be that….. Sovereign Mu he…”

He didn’t finish his words but the meaning in his words were extremely obvious.

Bai Liufeng recalled the situation today and he instantly felt that something was amiss.

No one had dared to offend Blue Profound Sect for so many years but today, Elders from Six Sacred Lands actually besieged them and almost entered as a result of an irreversible turn of events!

Moreover, even a mere outer door Hall master dared to collude with outsiders to press towards Levitation Sword Palace!

If Mu Chengying still remained in Blue Profound Sect, if he really was the same as what the rumours said, and he had already come out of closed door successfully with a drastic increase to his ability, then this sort of thing would totally not have possibly happened!

So to speak, there was only one conclusion, and that was… Mu Chengying had already died?

When Bai Liufeng thought of this point, his heart jumped as he looked at Huang Yueli in bewilderment.

If this had really happened, then Blue Profound Sect would definitely undergo a huge change where the sky and earth turned upside down!

His previous daughter getting married to the Number One Sacred Lands at this juncture, was probably not a good thing!

Huang Yueli shook her head slowly, “Father, don’t worry, things aren’t like what you imagined…..”

Her brows creased slightly as her thoughts started to turn swiftly, thinking of how to explain to Bai Liufeng.

Telling the truth to Bai Liufeng was of course the best solution and moreover, he was definitely someone worth trusting.

But this matter sounded too much like a thriller so she wondered if Bai Liufeng would be able to accept this truth?