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Chapter 2472: Li Moying’s change of fortune (1)

Huang Yueli took a look at him and silently sighed with emotions.

She and Li Moying actually were very fortunate people and although they had once lost many things, but later on they obtained even more.

But even though she was very grateful to Cang Po Yu for his devotion, she didn’t want to send any wrong hints to the other party. Since she had already made a choice to be together with Li Moying, she would not let the partner of her choice to feel any doubts or feeling of uneasiness.

Huang Yueli stopped in her tracks and walked right up as she hugged Li Moying and quickly let go of him again.

“Alright then, help me go take a look and I’ll go accompany my father first. If Senior Brother needs help, just send someone over to call me!”

Li Moying hooked on her waist as she was retreating and stole a kiss as he lowered his head onto her lips before saying, “No matter, go on and accompany Father-in-law and that will do. Even if he needs help, isn’t your Master still around?”

Huang Yueli was stunned as she revealed a helpless expression.

This man! He really was!

Usually she really couldn’t tell, he was actually so petty!

Huang Yueli shook her head but still turned around and walked out of the main hall as she followed along the corridor towards Levitation Sword Palace’s rear direction.

Bai Liufeng had followed them to alight from the flying ship but he didn’t have any intention to dabble in Blue Profound Sect’s internal affairs so he didn’t take part in all these.

Huang Yueli asked them to help settle him down in a small courtyard towards the south.

But Bai Liufeng didn’t stay in the room to rest. Instead he stood on the vacant land and raised his head as he gazed at the majestic Thousand Sword Array in the skies above Levitation Sword Palace, as his eyes were filled with admiration.

“Father!” Huang Yueli saw him from afar as she cried out loudly.

Bai Liufeng turned around to take a look at her and a smile hung on his face, “Lass Li, has the Sect’s affairs been settled?”

Huang Yueli nodded her head, “Moying he’s not in Levitation Sword Palace so Blue Profound Sect was short of a leader and some villain started to have awry thoughts… but now these traitors have already been punished!”

She briefly explained the situation in a few mere words.

Bai Liufeng muttered irresolutely, “This is good! But Father suggests that you must thoroughly get an oral confession from these people!”

Huang Yueli blinked, “Father’s meaning is…..”

Bai Liufeng’s lips curled upwards coldly, “This matter, perhaps it might be related to your uncle! I’ve heard of this long ago that Lord Zhan had always wanted to control the Seven Sacred Lands and that would be more convenient for him to get those younger disciples with outstanding innate talents, to turn them into Blood Moon Great Array’s sacrificial lambs! Moreover, twenty years ago, he had already controlled five of them! These few Sacred Lands disciples, actually hadn’t got into an accident when they went on experience learning, but were schemed against by their own Sect’s Seniors, hence they were sent to the tiger’s mouth!”

Huang Yueli was stunned and she immediately couldn’t help but cry out with a loud “Ah”.

She was simply too astonished!

Originally, Lord Zhan actually set up such an evil array like the Blood Moon Great Array, which was used to absorb a practitioner’s blood essence and spiritual root, and this matter was already horrifying to hear!

However now, when Bai Liufeng revealed the truth, it had once again broken through her bottom line.

These pitiful practitioners who were unfortunately dealt with this deadly blow, were actually not caught because of their negligence but because they were intentionally schemed on!

This simply was…. some huge plot which one was unable to believe in!

Huang Yueli’s expression was ghastly, “There’s actually such a matter like this! No wonder, the other powerhouses had much more practitioners than the others, and only Blue Profound Sect had the least!”