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Chapter 2471: I have never betrayed you (8)

Of course, this marriage arrangement to Cang Ning Yue was stocks and chain but to Cang Po Yu, wasn’t it as well?

With this marriage arrangement as a cover, he was able to keep this secret in the abyss of his heart forever, which wouldn’t cause anyone to suspect anything.

If it wasn’t for the series of changes which happened later on, Cang Po Yu would probably not say this secret even until the day he died.

After a while later, Liu Buyan was the first to come round it as he shot a smile which didn’t look quite like a smile at Cang Po Yu, as his eyes carried a hint of sympathy, and a hint of ridicule.

“So, there’s actually someone sillier than me under this Heavens! What should I say of you?”

He raised his head and giggled as he took out a few bottles of medication bottles from his interspatial ring, and taking out a few medicinal pills, he stuffed it into Cang Po Yu’s mouth.

“I think his senses are a little unclear so it’s best to feed him a few of these nerve soothing medicinal pills to let him have a good sleep, and these are useful for recovery purposes.”

Liu Buyan saif that and raised his head as he looked at Huang Yueli and Li Moying, only to discover that both of them carried a profound look on their faces and he couldn’t helped but shook his head as he got up and said, “I’ll go find someone to shift Guardian Yu back to the room. Earlier he said so much and didn’t vomit out blood so his recovery shouldn’t be too bad. My golden needles are very effective.”

Saying that, he walked out.

Huang Yueli took a deep breath, not knowing what she should say.

Suddenly realising a familiar person who had secretly liked her, and even did so many things for her in the dark, her feelings were so complex that she didn’t know how to face the other party….

Among Li Moying’s subordinates, she was actually most familiar with Cang Po Yu.

Because Cang Po Yu was Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Array Master. Moreover array skills and armament refining skills were complementary so everytime Huang Yueli encountered some problems while refining profound armaments, she would always consult Cang Po Yu.

Every single time she did that without any sophistication and had never put too much thought into it but she had not expected that when he saw her, his feelings were totally different…

Just as she was in a daze, Liu Buyan had already brought in two inner disciples.

The two of them were holding onto a stretcher and under Liu Buyan’s commands, they carefully carried Cang Po Yu onto the stretcher and lifted him outwards.

Liu Buyan didn’t forget to instruct them softly, “Hey hey hey, you have to be a little more careful. You must maintain your balance and steadiness, and not sway around! Walk a little slower!”

Huang Yueli abruptly woke up from her shock and wanted to follow out to have a look.

However, she had just taken a step when Li Moying pulled her arm from behind.

“Li’er, don’t go, I’ll go take a look and that will do! Return back to the rear hall first, your father has just arrived in Levitation Sword Palace and such a major matter happened. There’s no one to entertain him so he should be very bored behind there alone right?”

Huang Yueli lifted her head up and met with Li Moying’s profound and complicated gaze.

She went into a slight blank but as the person who understood Li Moying the most, she immediately understood his feelings.

To Li Moying, the most important matter was Huang Yueli and towards those love rivals who coveted her, he had always been suppressing them mercilessly. Today, although Cang Po Yu’s confession was done unconsciously, but Li Moying was definitely jealous.

However, Cang Po Yu was loyal to him and not only did he dare to intervene between him and Huang Yueli, he even silently did so many things for Blue Profound Sect and for him.

Li Moying was not only feeling touched, he even felt a little guilty because he had once suspected him and he felt extremely remorseful over this…..

But even so, he still didn’t want Huang Yueli to go over to Cang Po Yu’s room.