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Chapter 2470: I have never betrayed you (7)

“Sovereign, you don’t need to lie to me…. cough cough, I know that all of you suspect me, feel that I’m too cold blooded… Cang Ning Yue died but I had no reaction at all… cough cough… this kind of person, either his innate tendency is cold blooded and abnormal, or… cough cough…. his heart is set on taking revenge. You all suspect me, I have nothing to say to that… cough cough…..”

Cang Po Yu’s cough grew worse and worse.

Li Moying couldn’t bear to listen more as he swiftly said, “Enough, stop talking! Don’t treat your life as nothing! I already know that you are absolutely not a traitor so there’s no need to talk anymore!”

Cang Po Yu did not hesitate in forcing his inherent fated blood essence out today, sacrificing his own life to protect the entire Blue Profound Sect and this action had already explained itself clearly.

Moreover, in actual fact, even if the incident had not happened in Levitation Sword Palace’s front hall today, Li Moying and the others no longer suspected Cang Po Yu anymore.

Because when they met with Lord Zhan in the Northern Ice Fields, they had already found out the truth behind the scenes from the other party.

Lord Zhan had his eye on them long ago and he also had the ancient manual <> in his hand so that was why he was able to guess their plan. It wasn’t because they managed to obtain intelligence from Levitation Sword Palace so in this way, this matter naturally had nothing to do with Cang Po Yu.

But Cang Po Yu himself didn’t know what happened in the Northern Ice Fields hence he tried his best to prove his own innocence.

Li Moying hurriedly winked at Liu Buyan, hoping that he could directly make Cang Po Yu faint instead.

Liu Buyan nodded his head in reciprocation and took a few golden needles out from his realm ring.

But before he could even administer the needles, Cang Po Yu’s cough stopped as he continued speaking.

“Sovereign, you definitely don’t know why I requested to marry Cang Ning Yue from you…. it wasn’t because that I admired her greatly, but because… because.. cough cough, because she had already started admiring Sovereign since twenty over years ago, and had caused a misunderstanding between you and Grandmaster Huang…. I’m worried that she would hurt Grandmaster Huang and also worried that if something happened, without a Sky Chart top exponent like her, Blue Profound Sect’s ability would henceforth be weakened…. So I thought over this and the only… cough cough… only way was for me to marry her…”

When Cang Po Yu said that, those three present were totally dazed on the spot and they weren’t able to regain their senses for a period of time.

Liu Buyan’s golden needles which were pinched in between his fingers seemed to be unable to pierce down as he was simply overly shocked!

Cang Po Yu started on another round of consecutive coughing and after a while later, he finally stopped.

When he opened his mouth once more, his voice had apparently turned even weaker.

“Sovereign, This Subordinate… This Subordinate is guilty, I shouldn’t admire… Grandmaster Huang but This Subordinate definitely doesn’t have any improper ideas, only wishing that you and Grandmaster Huang can….can become husband and wife sooner… cough cough… This Subordinate had never… never betrayed you…”

His voice grew softer and softer and in the end, as though he had exhausted all of his energy, slowly there wasn’t any more noise.

Whereas for those three present, until now, they still weren’t able to respond as they looked at him in shock.

Never in their wildest dream had they expected that Cang Po Yu had secretly liked Huang Yueli and moreover, he managed to conceal it so well. Several decades had passed by and he had never once revealed any traces of it.

Moreover, in order to help Huang Yueli, he spared no effort in getting engaged to Cang Ning Yue.