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Chapter 2469: I have never betrayed you (6)

For so many years, the only request that he raised was to ask to marry Cang Ning Yue.

So from what everyone thought, Cang Po Yu should like Cang Ning Yue a lot.

But the woman whom he liked for so many years, had been personally disposed off because she had offended Li Moying’s fiancé!

Asking oneself honestly, if they met with such a matter, who would be able to do their best towards this kind of Master?

At that moment, even Cang Po Hun and Cang Po Jun were extremely worried that Cang Po Yu would instantly back out from Blue Profound Sect to establish his own Sect!

However, the situation that happened later one was totally out of everyone’s expectations. Cang Po Yu seemed as though he had no feelings at all towards Cang Ning Yue’s death as he still followed next to Li Moying to help him deal with his stuff in a cautious and conscientious manner meticulously without making any mistakes at all.

This kind of situation was simply a little too strange. If Cang Po Yu created a huge din, perhaps other people might still say that he was a tough man!

But he was totally indifferent towards his fiancée’s death…

If it was said that Cang Po Yu was pressurised by Li Moying’s might, it probably wasn’t so because based on Cang Po Yu’s Number One Array Master’s status, even without Blue Profound Sect’s backing, he was still able to do well.

Whereas Li Moying felt guilty towards him hence he would not force him to continue staying in the Sect.

This matter was something that everyone could not understand why hence, in this way, Cang Po Yu became extremely suspicious.

The crowd would easily link to the fact that he restrained himself to stay beside Li Moying because of other ulterior motives, perhaps he had already secretly betrayed him hence he would endure the humiliation as part of the important mission, just to wait for a chance to give Li Moying a fatal blow!

Although Li Moying didn’t want to suspect his own capable subordinate who had followed him for so many years, but after all, he knew what was called to guard against those who tried to hurt you.

From that day onwards, he intentionally didn’t let Cang Po Yu take part alone in overly secretive matters, so that he wouldn’t give the latter any chance to betray himself.

Li Moying looked at Cang Po Yu’s pale face as he spoke out softly, “Po Yu, I don’t mean in that way, don’t think too much…”

“No… cough cough…. Sovereign, you don’t need… don’t need to lie to me, I know it… this time.. cough cough… that you brought so many people to Northern Ice Fields, but you didn’t bring me… I… cough cough…. understood…..” Cang Po Yu’s chest felt more and more suffocated as he kept coughing but still tried his best to continue speaking on.

Li Moying didn’t know how to rebuke him momentarily and only replied to him after some time, “Po Yu, I don’t mean it in this way. If all the top exponents in the Sect have all left, that will certainly not do and someone has to stay behind. I only feel that your character is the most stable hence…..”

In actual fact, these words weren’t a lie.

Blue Profound Sect definitely required someone under Li Moying with ninth stage realm peak cultivation to keep vigil and this candidate, Li Moying had practically subconsciously chosen Cang Po Yu, as he didn’t even consider anyone else at all.

This was because his consciousness realised that the matter of going to Northern Ice Fields was just too important, and he needed to leave the person with the most possible capability to stay back in Sky Emperor City, just in case.

But this kind of top secret, originally was not to be exposed.

Even if the others also had such guesses, they knew this clearly but who would say such things in front of their faces?

But, Cang Po Yu thought that he was about to die and Li Moying and Huang Yueli in front of him were all his hallucination hence he just voiced out every single thing that he had stuffed inside his heart for the longest time yet.