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Chapter 2468: I have never betrayed you (5)

Li Moying lowered his head and took a look, to discover that the person who held onto him was actually Cang Po Yu.

Cang Po Yu had been unconscious since earlier and Liu Buyan had instructed that before he regained consciousness, they absolutely should not move him hence he had been laying flat on the floor.

When Li Moying and the others rushed into the front hall, as Cang Po Yu had lost a large amount of his inherent fated blood essence, he practically had lost his consciousness so even when Cang Po Hun shook his furiously with all his might, it was not able to make him regain any consciousness.

Hence, whatever happened later in the front hall, he totally knew nothing about it.

When Cang Po Hun regained consciousness, his mind was still dizzy and his entire body was extremely frail to the extreme.

Liu Buyan’s golden needle and medicinal pills could only hang on to his life but his lack of blood essence still required him to replenish through his own cultivation so Cang Po Yu was still icy cold all over as his chest felt suffocated while his entire back was sweating profusely. This kind of terrible feeling seemed as though he would die at the very next moment.

His vision was slightly blurry as he seemed to see Li Moying’s figure.

Cang Po Yu didn’t expect Li Moying and the others to rush back today, so he thought that what he saw was a hallucination before his death.

On seeing Li Moying about to leave, his first reaction was to use his remaining bit of energy to pull onto the other party’s lower hem.

Li Moying was stunned and his footsteps took a pause as he turned around.

“Sov… Sovereign…..” Cang Po Yu’s breath was like gossamer, as he spat out this blurry word lethargically.

Li Moying replied, “Don’t talk first, you are heavily injured, so it’s best to first…”

However, Cang Po Yu totally didn’t hear what he was saying, as he continued to utter on, “Sovereign, This Sub… Subordinate has something to… to tell you…..”

Li Moying frowned as he didn’t know how to stop Cang Po Yu.

What he wanted to say was most likely related to the happenings earlier in Levitation Sword Palace and everyone had already witnessed it with their own eyes so they didn’t need him to say anything more right now.

Moreover Cang Po Yu’s current condition was simply too weak and he wasn’t suited to talk at all. The best would be for him to lie down quietly.

Li Moying looked at Liu Buyan, hoping that Liu Buyan would think of a way.

But just at this moment, Cang Po Yu said, “Sovereign, actually… This Subordinate knows, that you and Grandmaster Huang had always suspected… that it is This Subordinate who betrayed the Sect, it’s This Subordinate… who leaked… leaked out Levitation Sword Palace’s matters…”

Hearing this, the trio present were all stunned, as they gazed at each other with an inexplicable guilt.

Because what Cang Po Yu said, was actually what they had once silently guessed.

Back then, everyone was trying to collect the Bipolar Black Orchid but once and again, Lord Zhan had snatched it first so they couldn’t help but suspect that there was a traitor in the Sect. Moreover, those who were able to find out such top secret, there was a ninety nine percent chance that it was someone beside Li Moying.

Levitation Sword Palace’s men practically were all indebted to Li Moying and all of them swore their allegiance towards him, so it was not possible to betray him so no matter who they suspected, it was practically impossible to let it pass.

Hence, among so many people, Cang Po Yu became the most possible suspect.

Because his fiancée Cang Ning Yue had died because of Huang Yueli!

Everyone in Sky Emperor City knew that Blue Profound Sect’s two Guardians Cang Po Yu and Cang Ning Yue, were once a couple whom everyone envied a lot. Although Cang Po Yu’s character was cold and he was neither warm nor heated, but he was the one who initiated to ask Mu Chengying for permission to marry Cang Ning Yue.

He had already followed Mu Chengying since he was only in his teens.