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Chapter 2467: I have never betrayed you (4)

When Cang Po Hun heard that, he was enlightened as he said, “I see, many thanks to Grandmaster Huang for your enlightenment! This Subordinate will now head over to Blue Cloud Hall to save him!”

Cang Po Hun turned around and was about to leave when Li Moying called upon him again, “Wait, This Sovereign has no objections to how you wish to deal with those few people but you absolutely cannot let them die. These few people… will probably come into use in future!”

Cang Po Hun bowed as he cupped his fists, “Sovereign please be assured, This Subordinate understands!”

After Cang Po Hun left, Li Moying also stood by the side for a while as he looked at Liu Buyan using the golden needle acupuncture on Cang Po Yu’s body.

Liu Buyan was fully concentrated as he had nothing to worry about, even if Li Moying was speaking to Cang Po Hun by his side, it totally didn’t affect his speed of piercing the needles.

Not too long later, he finished his consultation as he pulled out the golden needles one after another.

Li Moying valued this subordinate’s life very much and instantly asked, “Liu Buyan, how’s his condition?”

Liu Buyan was keeping the golden needles as he said, “With This Divine Doctor around, what’s there to worry about? Although forcing out his inherent fated blood essence is an extremely dangerous matter, luckily the treatment was administered in time and adding on to the fact that this Divine Doctor’s medical skills are outstanding, so his life is currently not in any danger. But he had after all injured his fundamentals so if he wants to recover totally, it will probably take a long period of time. This Divine Doctor still had to administer acupuncture consecutively for half a month before deciding on the next course of treatment to take.”

Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief, “Luckily, all thanks to the fact that Senior Brother is around, otherwise…. Guardian Yu’s life would probably really end right here and we will regret this for life!”

Liu Buyan lamented, “Isn’t that so? No one would ever expect that Guardian Yu usually looked like such a refined and gentle man but when it came to a crucial moment, his temperament is actually so unyielding! Facing Six Sacred Lands’s Elders siege, he actually didn’t hesitate at all to take on such an intense method, preparing to perish with them together!”

When he said that, Huang Yueli and Li Moying both turned silent.

In actual fact, before Wei Zongguang appeared in Levitation Sword Palace’s front hall, the few of them had already reached Levitation Sword Palace.

But they didn’t choose to take action immediately, but wanted to hear what their motive was so that they were able to find out who the mastermind was hence they had been hiding behind the screen, and didn’t show themselves immediately.

Originally according to everyone’s prediction, Cang Po Yu’s ability was very strong and he was also the Continent’s Number One Array Master, so even if he wasn’t able to fight off so many Sky Chart’s top experts, if he chose to escape for his life, persisting for a joss stick of time was absolutely no problem at all.

So when Wei Zongguagn and the others were about to tear their faces apart to take action, everyone would then rush in to save him and there wouldn’t be any problem at all.

But no one had expected that the moment Cang Po Yu took action, he was actually so resolute!

Li Moying and the others realised that something was amiss and instantly rushed right into the front hall but they were not able to stop Cang Po Yu from exploding his inherent fated blood essence in time. In fact, Cang Po Hun was initially thrown out by the Thousand Sword Array and if it wasn’t for Li Moying who grasped onto him in time, he would probably be seriously injured as well!

Just as they remained silent, a young direct disciple ran in hastily.

“Sovereign, Guardian Hun asked This Disciple to come report that Guardian Jun has already been rescued. Other than a little external injury and meridians being restrained, he is alright.”

Li Moying heard that and stood up, “I’ll go take a look at Po Jun.”

He turned around and was prepared to step out when he felt his clothes becoming taut, as his lower hem was pulled onto by someone.