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Chapter 2464: I have never betrayed you (1)

Wei Zongguang’s entire body shook, as his brain buzzed and for that one instant, he thought that he had heard wrongly!

His entire body turned icy cold as he turned around.

Unde the impact of the Thousand Sword Array, the entire Levitation Sword palace had suffered a sizable amount of damage and the entire ground’s dust flew upwards. The wall had grains of sand as it had not been totally settled by the Profound Energy hurricane, as it continued to swirl in mid-air.

Smoke and dust slowly subsided and a blurry figure walked out slowly from the direction of Levitation Sword Palace.

Wei Zongguang’s eyes widened as he stared in disbelief at the incoming person, “Li… Young Sect Master?”

Li Moying’s eyes were gleaming with a cold and harsh bitter gaze and his expression was icy cold as he looked down at those few people who had not managed to climb up.

“Aren’t you all trying to confront This Seat? Don’t you need This Seat to give you an explanation? Now that This Seat is back, you can now ask whatever you wanted to ask!”

However, at this moment, who dared to speak up in front of him.

Wei Zongguang, Elder Chen and the others were seriously injured and were half kneeling on the ground. Under Li Moying’s overbearing and imposing manner, they felt a burst of bitter coldness from head to toe, as it ran through their entire bodies.

Seeing Li Moying’s pair of dignified peach blossom eyes, everyone’s hearts were suddenly distracted, thinking that the person they had seen was not Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master but… Mu Chengying himself!

Li Moying laughed coldly, “What’s the matter? Nothing to convey? Since there’s nothing to say, then don’t blame This Seat for not giving you a chance to appeal… Men, drag them all down!”

Behind him, Li Moying’s guards had all responded by replying vehemently with a “Yes” and they all started to walk up to pull them away.

Wei Zongguang had long heard that Li Moying’s methods were much harsher than that year’s Mu Chengying and he knew that if he really was caught by Li Moying, his outcome would be incomparably miserable.

He immediately grabbed a cultivation raising hardcore medication as he stuffed it into his mouth.

In a moment, the Profound Energy in his body started to burn at a self-destruction speed and his surrounding imposing manner also raised swiftly!

Under this kind of medication’s agitation, he was already unable to feel the pain on his body and at the same time, he was able to sense his own ability doubling in an instant!

This medication could double his battle power but the side effects were too scary. In just two hours, his cultivation would at least drop by three levels! To most practitioners, this was a price which they could not accept!

But Wei Zongguang was now doing this to save his life, hence he naturally could not be bothered about other matters.

Wei Zongguang stood up in an instant and he glowered with a fierce stare, as he gave a cold smile at Li Moying, “Li Moying… I’ve not expect that you would really dare to appear right here! If I were you, I’d have tucked my tail and escaped long ago! Although Cang Po Yu used his inherent fated blood essence to activate the Thousand Sword Array, but he’s almost about to die now! Although the few of us are seriously injured, but we are all top exponents on the Sky Chart! Just based on your cultivation, you still dare to come and throw your life away?”

Li Moying swept him a cold glance as he spoke out in disdain, “Just based on you… think that you can kill me?”

Wei Zongguang gave off a hoarse and terrible laughter from his throat, “Hahahaha, young lad who doesn’t know how high the heavens are or how thick the earth is, did you really think that you are Mu Chengying? Let This Hall Master teach you, what’s called a genuine Sky Chart top exponent!”

Saying that, he didn’t waste any time as he directly accumulated power in his palm and a burst of powerful Profound Energy swept across towards Li Moying’s chest!

Although Wei Zongguang spoke out exaggeratedly, but he didn’t dare to slight his actions as he directly used one hundred percent of his power!