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Chapter 2463: Blue Profound Sect’s change (8)

In the skies came the crashing and vibration sound from the sword array and following that was a burst of extremely powerful Profound Energy windstorm, as it instantly swept across the entire main hall!

Everyone standing in the main hall weren’t able to take on such a vigorous impact and were instantly sent flying out!

Whereas for Cang Po Yu himself, his face had instantly turned white like a sheet of paper, as though all his vitality had been sucked dry in that instance.

At the same time when the sword array was activated, his body started to turn limp as he fell down towards the back slowly…..

Cang Po Yu had clearly sensed that the energy in his body was swiftly depleting…..

Based on his array skills cultivation, and adding on to the many years of research on Levitation Sword Array, he indeed was able to use his inherent fated blood essence to forcefully activate the sword array but the price to be paid was extremely heavy!

For example a huge amount of inherent fated blood essence exhausted his body’s vitality and he would probably die here today…..

Cang Po Yu only felt his consciousness slowly disappearing.

But just at this moment, his ears suddenly echoed a burst of terrified crying, “Second Brother!!!”

Immediately following that, Cang Po Hun suddenly pounced towards his body and held on to him, “Second Brother, Second Brother, you… what’s wrong with you? Why have you turned out like this!! Second Brother, wake up, please wake up!”

He had lost his head out of fear and was shaking Cang Po Yu’s body hard.

Liu Buyan was just a step away from him as he chased up, “Guardian Hun, calm yourself down! Stop shaking Guardian Yu like this, otherwise he will really be dead! Quickly, lay him down flat!”

Cang Po Hun then put him down in a fluster and anxiously said, “Divine Doctor Liu, you must save my Second Brother!”

Liu Buyan took out a medicinal pill and fed it to Cang Po Yu.

“Don’t be anxious, with me around, I will definitely be able to reclaim his life, but first of all, you must not shout again!”

Whereas on the other end, Wei Zongguang, Elder Chen and party had all been sent flying out from the sudden explosive sword array!

Although Cang Po Yu tried all his best, but he was only able to display ten percent of the sword array’s energy, but this wasn’t something that Wei Zongguang and party could take.

The few of them landed on the ground and all of them suffered heavy injuries. Not only had their bones shattered into several parts, moreover their meridians were all seriously damaged.

Four of them with slightly weaker abilities had fainted on the spot and they gave out more air than taking it in, apparently they were most probably not able to stay alive!

As for the remaining four living people, they also panted for half a day and all started to take out their life preserving medicinal pill as they just swallowed it without a care before they could barely move.

“Wei…. Hall Master Wei, what should we do now! Cang Po Yu that fellow, actually has a way to activate Levitation Sword Palace’s Thousand Sword Array!” Elder Chen’s eyes turned black.

Wei Zongguang’s eyes flashed past with a cold glint, “I’ve heard that the sword array that he cultivates uses inherent fated blood essence to drive all the arrays but that’s only his last fight! Now even if he’s not dead, he’s probably almost there! We must grab this opportunity to enter Levitation Sword Palace once again to kill him, then search for the Sovereign’s seal!”

Seeing Elder Chen still in a shocked look, he persuaded again, “Hurry on and get up! We must use Li Moying’s incident to seize the Sovereign’s authority! Once this chance has passed, there will not be a second chance anymore!”

However, Elder Chen suddenly stared towards the back of Wei Zongguang, revealing an extremely terrified expression!

“What’s the matter?” Wei Zongguang asked puzzledly.

Just at this moment, he heard a mellow and familiar voice coming from his back.

“Hall Master Wei, I heard that you wanted to criticise This Seat?”