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Chapter 2465: I have never betrayed you (2)

“Everyone don’t hesitate, hurry and let’s all attack him together! Let’s capture Li Moying!”

Wei Zongguang was making his move as he cried out loudly.

He knew that Li Moying had returned to Blue Profound Sect and just based on those few people under his Blue Cloud Hall, he totally couldn’t fight against the real deal Young Sect Master Li Moying at all.

Moreover, Li Moying had most likely obtained Mu Chengying’s inheritance and he was able to control Levitation Sword Palace and Blue Profound Sect’s outer mountains seven blocks of mountain protection array.

Based on Wei Zongguang’s ability, he could not break through this heavy obstacle and successfully escape.

So his once lifeline was to heavily injure Li Moying at the first moment then hold him captive.

As long as he had Young Sect Master this important hostage in his hands, the other people totally wouldn’t dare to injure him!

Wei Zongguang’s heart was planning this scheme, assuming that he was a ninth stage realm peak practitioner and his ability was originally much higher than Li Moying and now under the invigoration of the potential pill, he had more than enough power to crush Li Moying!

Under his full power, Li Moying would definitely be heavily injured and throw up blood on the spot!

However, at the next moment, he suddenly felt that something was amiss.

Li Moying’s body swayed slightly in front of him and immediately following that, he disappeared without a trace.

Wei Zongguang’s pupils contracted abruptly and he knew that something was amiss as he hurriedly wanted to retract his Profound Energy to turn around but however, it was all too late.

A burst of huge impact attacked on his back and Wei Zongguang totally could not control his body as he flew out entirely and at the next moment, he crashed onto the ground heavily. His body felt as though he had been crushed by an elephant and not only was it abnormally in pain, moreover he totally could not move as he laid on the ground like a lump of mud, but unfortunately, his consciousness was extremely clear minded!

After Wei Zongguang landed on the ground, he heard several loud consecutive “pong pong pong” sounds and a few more figures fell beside him on the ground, who were exactly those three Elders who were still alive.

Earlier under Wei Zongguang’s encouragement, they knew that catching Li Moying was their only way out so they also worked up the remaining Profound Energy in their bodies, coordinating with Wei Zongguang to strike out.

In the end, their ending were exactly like Wei Zongguang. They weren’t even able to see Li Moying’s action or figure clearly when they were sent flying in one move!

After that, three more lumps of mud appeared on the ground.

Wei Zongguang was in so much pain that he was seeing stars and he wanted to turn his head around to see those few people next to him, only to discover that he wasn’t even able to move his pinky.

From afar, Li Moying icy cold voice was heard, “Drag these four people to Ten Thousand Serpent Hole. Be a little more careful, their injuries aren’t light so don’t accidentally kill them… This Seat will head over in a little while to interrogate them!”

Ten Thousand Serpent Hole!

Hearing this name, Wei Zongguang’s entire body turned icy cold as he was so scared that his heart almost stopped beating.

He was one of the older people in Blue Profound Sect so of course he was clear on what place the Ten Thousand Serpent Hole was!

That was a part of Blue Profound Sect’s mountain protection array and numerous lethal spiritual snakes were reared there. Usually there would be exclusive disciples who fed and reared the snakes in there but once a traitor of the Sect was caught, they would be thrown into the Ten Thousand Serpent Hole as feed.

Moreover, the manager of the Ten Thousand Serpent Hole would control the spiritual snakes, to let the spiritual snakes slowly nibble on the flesh and skin of those who were thrown into the hole, but not allow them to die easily.

Thinking of himself about to be bitten into a skeleton by tens of thousands of spiritual snakes, Wei Zongguang couldn’t wish more than to bang himself to death on the wall!

However, he was totally unable to move right now and even if he wanted to die, it was not possible to materialise this.